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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I have a 7 year old whose enamel on her teeth didn’t form correctly. Her mother has the same problem, the teeth are pitted and rough everywhere. We are trying to help her prevent cavities, but her 6yr. molar just got one. I have read your book Kiss your Dentist Goodbye, and think the rinse system would be helpful for her. Due to the pits in her teeth, it is going to be very difficult for her to keep the bacteria out of those area.

In your experience have you seen good results from your system with this type of situation. Her mother is resigning herself that her daughter will have a mouth full of crowns when she is an adult
We will be seeing her in our office soon and was wondering what you think.

Thanks for any input you might have


Hi DT,

Cavities only occur when harmful strep mutans grow in the mouth as infected plaque. The only natural way to eradicate strep mutans is with xylitol.

Continuous use of xylitol will eradicate 98% of strep mutans in 6 months. The use fluoride with xylitol will help to reverse cavities.

When xylitol and fluoride are used together – xylitol during the day and a dilute fluoride rinse like ACT twice a day ( + possibly a fluoride varnish) a developing cavity will reverse in 6 months. (Remember a cavity takes at least a year to form…. so this means – if you think about it – that a cavity cannot develop if you are using xylitol and ACT regularly!)

It is sad that this mother is resigned to cavities. If you wanted to scare her – you could explain:
That a cavity will always need repairs and maintenance – for the rest of her child’s life. That metal fillings contain mercury – and may cause health issues – we don’t know for sure. White fillings contain BPA – an estrogen-like hormone which can make you fatter, develop early puberty and possible risk for cancer. That a couple of years of prevention now – can give her daughter the chance of a cavity-free adult life.

Who in their right mind choses a filling over preventing a cavity? Furthermore – developing good oral health will impact her general health – and that has many implications.

I guess I cannot imagine thinking it is OK to have a filling. If the Mom does not want to fight this preventive fight – that is sad for her daughter.

With correct preventive care ( and I would recommend my system) there would be NO WAY for these teeth to decay. Decay is NOT inevitable – but you have to keep a balance between decay and repair – with the help of xylitol and fluoride.

Sorry – but I don’t get the feeling this family are involved much. I doubt their interest in a preventive program

Too bad.

Thanks for getting in touch with me. We have to realize that we can only help those who WANT to be helped!

Sad but true!!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

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  • Mercury and BPA in the teeth sounds like potentially very scary stuff! I think I'll just stick with your program and avoid it all together!

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