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We just left the dentist for a consultation regarding the cavities. Some of the cavities are into the dentin and some are not. My concern at this point is how long we have to wait and see. Honestly, I would like to at least try to let remineralization occur. However, I also don’t want to cause an abscess. I’ve found conflicting research regarding remineralization once the cavity has reached the dentin. What is your opinion regarding the dentin and correction or healing? Another concern of the dentist, is that my son might be missing his top two lateral incisors. If this is the case, we will need his baby incisors to last as long as possible. Any help or advice you could offer is appreciated.

Thank you again for your phone call a few weeks ago, I really enjoyed speaking with you.



Hi HC,

Most dentists do not believe in remineralization or that there is any way to arrest/ stop decay.
Since they don’t try it – they never see it!

Only in the last couple of years has there EVER been mention of stopping or reversing decay – people used to laugh at me for suggesting this.

Now the ADA have a product that everyone can make money from – a remineralizing paste ( made from milk powder).

Suddenly the word is front and center of dental vocabulary – even though we have known about remineralization for 50 years!

The most important thing is to rid the mouth of aggressive bacteria – xylitol will do this for you. This is essential for remineralization to work – and must occur first – so that the bacteria die off. With cavity bacteria gone ( and it takes a month or so of regular use for this to happen) cavities in teeth will not get worse.

Remember that these teeth have probably been eroding/decaying for about a year or more.
It will take time to reverse this damage – but stopping the damage is relatively quick.

I have never understood the hurry for dental treatments. There should be a hurry to STOP THE PROCESS OF DECAY- TO STOP THE DISEASE. Once the bacteria have gone – the “bad part” will not get bigger. The “decay” is a bacterial process – and xylitol eradicates the “bacteria”.

The only hurry to fill teeth is, I guess, to do the best you can with an infected mouth – where decay is like a forest fire. Placing a filling does not stop this fire in the mouth – but it can help preserve a particular tooth by cutting away the “disease”.

Xylitol works on all the teeth at the same time. Xylitol will eradicate the disease from all teeth – all cavities – everywhere that saliva can go.

IF YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD AND MADE CHANGES to tip the balance in the mouth to the side of repair and health – you can afford to wait. I would ask the dentist if he would see you again in 4-6 months and look again at these teeth to ensure they are not getting worse. He could apply some fluoride varnish to the affected teeth – this would help deliver a slow and constant amount of fluoride to work in harmony with xylitol.

I believe you were the mother who had suffered the episodes of Thrush and had antibiotics for your child.

Please confirm – and I will send you some suggestions for the skin condition – ideas that may be helpful.

Hope this helps. I know this is a difficult decision for you – but you have to weigh the risks of sedation vs. how much risk will exist – considering the use of xylitol each day. Your dentist should understand and be prepared to work with you on this – he may be interested to learn what can be done – so that he can help others with this decision.

Best Wishes,


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  • Dr Ellie, this question wasn't from me (the thrush and antibiotic mama), but nonetheless, it was another great post by you! We have decided not to do the extraction and fillings at this time. We've also decided not to do the sealants. We are currently doing xylitol, ACT mouthwash, zellies and brushing (which he hates less and less). I just ordered the zellies jr candies and another thing of fruit flavored zellie mints. My boys love them! We are treating the whole family so we don't give him the bacteria again. He was diagnosed today with strep throat and the doctor is giving him antibiotics. In the even of antibiotics, is there anything I should change in our regimen?

  • Thanks again for all your information! It helped us make an informed decision about our son's care.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    To your question: You may want to consider probiotics and cleaning your toothbrushes even more thoroughly! It is worth trying!

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