Dangers of Fluoride

Hi Ellie.

My dad told me about your system and it has done wonders for my gums, which have always bled too easily. Through your site, he discovered Dr. Mercola. After what he has read there, he vows
to never use anything with fluoride again. I’d like to keep my teeth and gums in great condition, but now I’m concerned about fluoride, too.

Can you please comment about the use of fluoride in your system?



Hi J,
Bleeding gums really are a huge general health concern.

This weekend I am speaking in Seattle to physicians and cardiologists about my system for oral health – because they realize the connection. The AAPP is flying me there to discuss HOW TO KEEP PATIENTS SAFE from cardiovascular disease and risk for stroke etc. Poor oral health is a very, very big concern.

Next I want to say that I love Dr. Mercola and my husband and I have been fans of his for over a decade – maybe longer! We purchase many of his products – and give them to our children – probiotics, vitamins, protein shakes, even his cookwear. Dr Mercola and Dr.Al Sears are two of my gurus for general health BUT one unfortunate thing is that Dr. M believes he can address oral health. I have blogged and tried to access him for years – but never been able to contact him directly.

For example, years ago he was expressing the dangers of mercury – which I agree is a toxic substance. HOWEVER I was blogging on his site ( maybe 7 or 8 years ago) to warn his readers NOT to replace the silver fillings with white ones – because of the even greater dangers of BPA in the white fillings. I also tried to explain to him that changing a filling is not the solution – PREVENTING THE DAMAGE TO OLD FILLINGS – BY PREVENTING THE DAMAGE FROM ACIDITY AND DRY MOUTH AND DISEASE – is the way to achieve stable and sustainable oral health.

On Fluoride he is also missing the target. I have written a chapter on Fluoride in my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye – and you can also read excepts on my web-page http://www.DrEllie.com. The problem with his discussion about fluoride is that here and there he is absolutely correct ( and I agree with him wholeheartedly – eg. I filter fluoride out of my Rochester NY water) but most of us should NOT remove ALL fluoride from our life – ( from toothpaste and rinses ) You spit this out and this is vital – in my opinion ( and I discuss why this is so important in my chapter and throughout my book)

I hope that you will seriously consider staying on my program. I use my program and so do all the people that I love – in my family, and where-ever I can reach and teach this.

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS

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