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Dr. Ellie,

I just had to share this with you.  We’ve been using your system for about six months with excellent results.  My 8 year old’s teeth are the cleanest they’ve ever been and the progression of his decay has most definitely been delayed. 

Since most of his friends have had extreme dental work on their baby teeth (crowns, extractions), I decided to check the position of the Canadian Dental Association on the use of xylitol in children.  It seems like every child we know could benefit from your program. 

When I typed xylitol into the search engine of the CDA website, it returned one article halfheartedly recommending xylitol for seniors:

“Sugar substitutes, particularly the use of xylitol (non-acidogenic) chewing gum, can be effective. (for seniors)”

As a mother of a child with Sensory Integration Dysfunction (that makes it difficult for our son to tolerate a toothbrush in his mouth),  I am appalled that the CDA would not be endorsing xylitol for use in children.  Could it be that people at the end of life do not represent a particularly lucrative segment of the population?  Just wondering.


Hi C,

I wish I knew the quickest way to help everyone.
I hope the message will eventually reach a tipping point – and spread like a wild fire.

Today the spread of messages is very different from 10 years ago and that is amazingly different from 50 years ago… who knows!

Thanks for your support.
If you have any ideas – I am always here to chat.
May I put your message on my blog? ( without your name attached?)


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  • Anonymous says:

    I have been asking the same question. Eversince I discovered Dr. Ellie's blog and xylitol, I have been wondering why you would see a lot of recommendations from dentists.. I took my 20 month old baby to 2 different dental clinics and the dentists and dental hygienists never mentioned anything about the benefits of xylitol……

  • Deborah says:

    Hi there Dr Ellie, I've only just found your blog and trying to find a place to 'contact you'. I live in Australia and trying to find the ingredients in your kit. I haven't been able to find Zellies or xylitol at all. I looked into ordering it online but the cost of postage almost doubles the price. Are you thinking of making your products available overseas? Thanks, Deb

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