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I am currently searching for info about Xylitol. I had been purchasing Spry gum for some time and then one day decided to check into the source of the Xylitol. I have cancer, so I try to be real careful about this. I read an article that implied that Spry gum

Xylitol was possible from non-gmo corn from China. I recently emailed them to ask them what their source is. I also heard that the process to extract the Xylitol from Birch isn’t the healthiest. We LOVE Spry gum—-but I am VERY concerned about the health side of it. Could you please tell me about your Zellies and any info you have on the source and process for Zellies and Spry if you know about that.

I would very much APPRECIATE it.

Blessings, L. from Alaska

Hi L,

I am sorry to hear that you have cancer and I am sure that this is an awful worry for you. Obviously what we eat and drink is vital for health and I understand your concern about some of the “xylitol stories” out there.

I have talked to many people about xylitol, as the owner of a xylitol company. I know many people in this industry and they truly seem to be a wonderful group of people – who mostly have a deeper mission than is usual in commercial companies.

Xylitol is a very old cure. The word comes from the Chinese therapy for oral diseases – which called for Zhine-he- tong ( translated – means sugar from the white tree). Native Americans chewed into the wood of birch trees and used birch sticks for cleaning teeth.

In modern day, as a dentist, I have seen the incredible benefits that xylitol can bring. I know that dental disease impacts body health and is often a reason that people do not heal properly. Infection and inflammation in the mouth can cause a bad reaction all over the body – which is the last thing you need!

My best contacts in the xylitol world tell me that there is probably no reason to worry about the sources of xylitol in products – even ones that come from China. I tend to think that this has been a scare tactic – by companies trying to outshine another.

I personally like to use European or birch xylitol but I endorse ANY 100 percent xylitol product. (You should – of course – see what other ingredients are in the products). For you, I suggest thinking about ensuring that you have sufficient xylitol each day ( 5-10 grams each day). A good way to do this is to dissolve a teaspoon ( 5 grams) of pure xylitol crystals in water to sip during the day. Then after meals enjoy a piece or two of the gum you like the best.

A happy and less-stressed mind, along with the health benefits of a clean mouth will bring more blessings than trying to sort out which xylitol product is better than another.

I will always tell you that Zellies taste superior! Our products are made from the best xylitol available and my family, friends and patients have enjoyed the benefits of xylitol for decades. My advice is therefore to enjoy your xylitol any way you like and benefit from the improved oral health that this will bring to you!

I wish you the best with your health issues – and if you have any other questions, please let me know how I can help.

Best Wishes,


CEO, Zellies Inc.

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