Tooth Brush Hygiene in Essential

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I was really hoping I would be able to send you this Email, and it feels fantastic to finally be able to. I wrote you a couple of weeks ago with a few questions, and mentioned that it was tough for me to have faith in something when everything else I’ve tried previously didn’t work. Well, I’m so happy that I put my faith in you and your system.

Yesterday, I had my dentist appointment after being on your system for 1.5 months. I have to admit that while I was hoping for the best, I was expecting the worst. To my relief, the depths of my “pockets” went down. Whereas most of them were 3’s and 4’s with a few 2’s and 5’s, I now had the majority of them 2’s and 3’s, with some 4’s. THERE WERE NO 5’s!!

Both my dental hygienist and dentist were curious to know what I was doing different, since over the last two years, the pockets were getting worse and worse (even though I was flossing every day, brushing twice a day, using Closys, taking multivitamins, etc.). I told them that I was trying something that I found on the internet (I didn’t mention you at this time, since I’d like to save the bigger “reveal” after my next appointment). I explained briefly what the system was, and I could see a bit of their skepticism. My dentist was surprised that ACT was doing anything at all, saying that it has very little fluoride in it. However, he did know that Xylitol was good for teeth and was very happy that I was using it. Both of them said I should keep doing what I’m doing, and that they couldn’t wait to see how things were in 6 months (especially since I’d only been doing the new system for 1.5 months).

I imagine since you’ve helped so many people that you have an understanding of what some of us go through when trying to get our teeth in shape. Even as I’m writing, I have a few tears just thinking of all the fear and frustration I’ve had over this. It wasn’t difficult to see that I would soon be losing my teeth, which I’ve tried so very hard to keep. To a lot of people, I’m sure all my emotional attachment would probably seem silly, which only adds to the problems. So, I want to extend my heart-felt Thanks for all that you do. Without you, I have no doubt that I would have lost my teeth in the next few years. Your selflessness in spending so much of your personal time answering people’s questions is so admirable. I will try to follow your example by telling everyone I know about your system.

Take care, and I’ll let you know how my appointment goes in 6 months!


Hi T,

Thank you SO MUCH for writing this note. You made my day!!

Keep up the great work – and please let me know your progress.

I have been doing some interesting testing on patients who are using my system.

The results have been fantastic and most of them have no detectable levels of infection in their mouths (even without dental care for years and years).

Only one thing seems to have come to light in these tests – is the importance of keeping your toothbrush clean!!

One of the tests where a bacteria strain was present – the person was trusting an old UV sanitizer.

I suggest cleaning your brush in Listerine and allowing it to dry in the open air – and this seems like the best way to clean a brush.

Please remember this – and be careful if you travel – keep your brush clean or better yet – throw away after traveling.

I wish you the best – keep in touch,

Thanks again,


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