Allergies — and Dr. Ellie’s System

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve contacted you a couple of weeks ago with several questions and thought I’d wait till I had actually started your system to harass you with any further questions.

I have to say my allergies and sensitivities (salicylate and benzoates) make it hard for me to stick to the system, while my mouth feels clean, my energy has been going down and I’ve gotten some mystery rashes. Also I’ve discovered that Crest is flavored with wintergreen which is more or less pure salicylate so I don’t know if I can keep the system as a whole up. My mother has started it too, she’s happy so far, she might be a little lazy with the xylitol though.

I will see how it goes, but I think the xylitol is the core part of your system as far as I can tell, so even if I won’t be able to continue I will still get those benefits.

Since you have great knowledge in general about dental care and have opened my eyes to many mistakes I’ve made in the past I have two further questions for you.

Amine Fluoride:

Elmex toothpaste sold here has a pH of 4.6 and they’ve explained that’s because of the Olaflur (aminefluoride) combining with the calcium that has been leeched by the acidid pH and forming an effective protective mantle around the enamel thus remineralizing the tooth. Is this true or are products with acidic pH’s to be mistrusted in general, I’m suspicious because even their mouth washes have pH values between 4 and 5. And what’s your take on their claim of amine fluoride being more effective than sodium fluoride, is this another marketing trick like stannous fluroide (which they also have a range with – Meridol).

Thanks again.


Hi A,

I will try to answer some of your questions – but you bring up a lot of points that are quite complicated to explain!

Xylitol is great for allergies – if you make a xylitol nasal spray – in addition to oral use – you may be amazed at the results.

The conditions for allergies are very similar to the thick development of plaque on teeth – and the workings of xylitol is similar.

Use only a rice-grain size of Crest on your CLEAN toothbrush.

The amount of toothpaste will be so small that any concerns should be eliminated.

If you cannot use the Crest – use a drop of ACT on your brush in place of toothpaste.

Xylitol is not just the core of the program – it is an integral part of a totally balanced system.

People using only xylitol can still continue to have pathogens in their mouth –

Xylitol may work great for kids and in relatively healthy mouths when used alone – but xylitol may not be adequate for more advanced oral pathogens.

People under-rate the importance of ALL the rinses – and the importance of the method for my system.

ANY variation will change outcome – but if you use it perfectly – your results will show you how amazing this is for your oral health.

Fluoride question:

Acidity is bad for teeth – EXCEPT in ONE circumstance – right before the use of a dilute fluoride rinse.

Your toothpaste company is correct that acidity enhances uptake of fluoride ( this is why I recommend acidic Listerine before ACT)

The problem with acidity and toothpaste is that acidity can enhance abrasion – when BRUSHING teeth.

I keep this acidity “step” to the end – where the fluoride RINSE – ACT will do its amazing work.

I hope this answers your questions – I think you need to give this a try for a while.

Make sure you have a spotless toothbrush-cleaning regimen – and that you do the rinses twice a day – with adequate xylitol after meals, drinks, snacks etc.

(especially if you are sharing food or kissing anyone). This is a transmissible disease!!!

No water rinsing between the steps of the system – that is also important.


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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