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I’ve been testing my mouth PH after doing the rinses and also after taking xylitol. However, my mouth PH stays very acidic! (6-6.5) Why is that? I thought xylitol would affect the mouth PH immediately (even if temporarily).

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Hi W,

Your lower pH after using the rinses is NOT a problem – ACT works BEST in an acidic environment – so don’t stress about this!

As far as your pH after eating – Yes, you need to work to get your pH up to above 7 after eating, drinking and during the day – at the very least.

Trying to get your salivary pH to 7 is a great goal – but for some of us it takes work in different ways.

Your saliva is a “filtration” from your blood.

Alkaline body fluids are healthy – whereas acidic body fluids do not promote health.

There are a multitude of ways to adjust your body fluids – some you have control over – and some you do not.

Stress – for example- can make us acidic.

We need rest, sunshine and a good diet – to make our body (and salivary) fluids alkaline.

Fish oil, mineral supplements and even probiotics help.

Xylitol works together with these things – but it is not a “pill” to cure pH.

Let me know if you need more help with this – it is interesting to look and see what raises your own pH.

For me, exercise, working outside in the yard, resting on the beach in the sunshine – all good for my pH.

Stress, work problems, lack of sleep, travel – all work against me – and make my pH acidic.

Hope this helps.


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