Children’s Teeth

Hi Dr. Ellie,

Thank you very much for your response. I have started your suggested routine and am having good success with process so far. My son especially likes brushing his own teeth with Xylitol granular after meals.

Last week I noticed a tiny chip in one of his front teeth, and yet another one just a few days ago. I ran my finger across the bottom of his front teeth and they felt rough, even sharp. I have booked an appointment with a dentist, in fear that the cavities may be more advanced then I was hoping for. I haven’t notice the white patches on his teeth lately, but he is over his cold and is no longer breathing solely through his mouth these days.

In total I noticed the white spots twice, each time they looked to be in a different pattern. Your explanation of minerals coming out of the teeth, and looking caulk like is a exactly what I was seeing. Am hoping it’s not too late to let the teeth heal on their own with the use of Xylitol and wiping the teeth with a fluoride rinse.

I found your blog a few months ago when I trying to find answers about my daughter’s teeth (6 years old). When she was 18 months old I gave her maybe 100 doses of .25mg of fluoride drops over a six month period, due to the fact we don’t have fluoridated water. I noticed the shading and texture of her teeth begin to change and darken, so I discontinued using the fluoride drops. I assumed I damaged her permanent teeth and dreaded the arrival of her permanent teeth. When they did finally arrive her teeth were a dull yellow. I kind of freaked out, but always keep my thoughts to myself because I didn’t want my issues to become her issues.

I searched the internet for weeks and learned a lot about Dental Fluorsis, but other then the darkened shade of the teeth she had no motting. Until one day when I found your Zellies webpage and read “Newly erupted front teeth often look yellow and dirty in comparison to the baby teeth, a consequence of the soft enamel covering newly erupted teeth. Parents should encourage the use of xylitol and ACT dilute fluoride rinsing to encourage maturation of these teeth, hardening of the outer enamel. As the enamel hardens, the color of the front teeth will improve and become whiter.” No where had I read any thing about soft enamel covering new erupted permanent teeth. I even went to Pediatric dentist with questions about the shading of her teeth and he said nothing about soft enamel.

Well she uses the ACT dilute fluoride rinse and it has made a huge difference in her front teeth. They actually reflect light now and have lightened considerably. She has one front tooth the sits on a angle and the enamel in one area of this tooth has been slower to harden for some reason. It’s a patch of enamel that is dark yellow and fuzzy looking. It looks like you could just take your finger and scratch it off, but I have faith it will eventually harden up like the rest of the enamel has.

I can not tell how much comfort this answer has given to me. I understand the shade of my daughter’s teeth was my issue, but it weighed heavily on my mind. I have also started her on the Xylitol as well as myself. You also answered my question about my never ending disappearing gums. Your explanation of acidic gum recession in woman makes a lot of sense. I am currently using your complete mouth care system and look forward to the return of my gums.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have given me and my family the tools to live life with a healthy mouth.


Hi LS,

I sometimes question why I do what I do.

There are days when it seems so hard to convince others about the biochemistry of the mouth. A great number of people do not even seem interested.

I find the common sense of nature fascinating. Maybe you have to first believe in nature and then the rest follows? My suggested routines simply stimulate natural healing – nothing more. That is the wonder of this whole process.

Thanks again for your message – you cheer me up on the days when I wonder what to do next. I guess eventually we will reach the “tipping point” and get this knowledge out!

I appreciate your story and the fact that I helped you understand the process. Please keep in touch,

Best Wishes,


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