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Hello Dr Ellie,

You have taught me a lot about teeth from reading your blogs. I am currently using your Mouth Care System, and really like it. But my question today is about my 2 1/2 yr old son. I noticed his front two teeth are almost Zebra stripped with white lines. Just note we don’t have fluoridated water, and he doesn’t use fluoride tooth paste. I did start giving my kids Vitamin K drops over 2 months ago, to help fight cavities. We also started chewing Xylitol gum for the last month and a half.

My son had come down from his nap with a fever, and I could tell he had been sleeping with his mouth open…the white sports were very apparent and covered at least half of the front two teeth. After a couples hours they weren’t as noticeable after the saliva had built back up in his mouth. I start to use a drop of Act fluoride rinse on his tooth brush. Do you think the vitamin K could have caused a build up of calicum in his teeth, and have I maybe harmed his adult teeth as well. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. You go out of your way to help so many people. Thank you.


Hi LS,

I think these spots are signs of early cavities.

As minerals come out of teeth they demineralize – and basically turn to “chalk”.

When the minerals have gone – the teeth become white – the first sign of a real problem.

The next stage is when the teeth crumble into a cavity – a whole – and this exposes the darker dentin underneath – so the white spots turn “yellow”.

At this stage the problem is easily reversible.

Xylitol must be part of your daily program ( for your son AND THE ENTIRE FAMILY + any caretakers). 1-2 teaspoons each day to wipe out the acid forming bacteria.

You need the xylitol in multiple small amounts – after meals – all day.

My grandson has xylitol on a toothbrush – and they let him “brush” his teeth with the granules after meals!

The use of ACT ( one drop on a cloth or brush) – wipe on teeth before or during nap time. The ACT will dry on the teeth – and this will help to return the minerals faster and make his teeth less acid soluble.

Think about his diet – limit acid or sugary drinks as much as possible.

Dairy, cheese and yogurt etc are helpful and good.

You must work hard – but you CAN reverse this at this stage.

Take some photos if you like – keep a check that these are going away.

Let me know if I can help more.


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