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Dear Dr. Ellie:

My grandaughter is 3 years old. Her front tooth is turning dark. The dentist said a nerve was damaged and it would not affect her permanent tooth. Do you think the xylitol would have any effect on this tooth? Thank you

Hi D,

A tooth that turns dark (for a child of this age) usually means that (at some time) the tooth was bumped or injured.

The inside of the tooth has blood vessels etc and this tooth was basically “bruised”.

You need to watch the color of the tooth – it will go dark – but then it can go through all the colors that you see with skin when it is bruised.

Usually it is dark first, then slowly it may go yellowish or lighter gray – and for the lucky ones, the color may resolve and go back to normal again ( just like a skin bruise healing).

If the color does not go light again – then the dentist may suggest to clean away the bruise part inside the tooth in a year or two.

Xylitol will not make any difference to the healing of the bruise or to changing the outcome.

Fresh pineapple may provide some of the nutrients needed for speedy healing – if your granddaughter likes pineapple!

Xylitol is good for kids of this age to ensure their mouth stays healthy and free from disease.

Children with healthy teeth at age 4 are 80% more likely to grow up with healthy teeth as adults.

Our website has a lot of information about how to use xylitol for children:

Hope this helps,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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