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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have been using the Zellies system for a couple of months now. After a couple of weeks I started getting a metallic taste in my mouth and now everything I eat has a metallic taste. I do have a couple of metal fillings in my mouth. Would the Closys rinse be causing the fillings to give me a metallic taste? I recently stopped the Closys rinse and taking the xylitol products and the metallic taste is a little less intense. What do you think?

Hi RW,

Metallic tastes are usually from a mold or something similar – often from your toothbrush.

The first place I would look is at your toothbrush – to ensure that you disinfect it every day ( in Listerine- rinse out and allow to completely dry between uses).

The next thing I would do is INCREASE the amount of xylitol – to ensure that you are having at least 5-10 grams a day ( that is 1-2 teaspoons or about 10+ Zellies mints – or a mix and match approach).

Xylitol is anti-fungal as well as controlling the plaque deposits in your mouth.

I would NOT give up on the Closys or any of the other rinses.

Just ensure you have the correct toothpaste – did you purchase the kit from our website or try to put it together yourself?

Having the EXACT products and using them in the EXACT order is extremely important for success.

Here is a link to the “cliff notes” of the book – so you can review and ensure you have everything correct:

Hope this helps!


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