Hard Grey Film on Teeth

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I contacted you recently about my son with Cerebral Palsy who has a pesky gray film on his teeth. We had been using Oral B tooth gel which we have since discontinued. I have been brushing his teeth exclusively with xylitol twice a day and giving him granular xylitol/xylitol mints about two or three additional times a day. We have an appointment this afternoon for his dentist to review his meds and take a look at the film.


Hi A,

Sorry but I have no idea what this film is from.

I really do not like the idea of the tooth gel – so it is good you have discontinued that.

More xylitol would be my suggestion – since it fights plaque and stops it forming in the mouth.

Spiffies tooth wipes are an idea – expensive – but another way to get to clean teeth with xylitol.

My daughter makes a solution of xylitol in water and thickens it with Thickit-2 and then dispenses a teaspoon of this as “dessert” at the end of meals.

Any idea will work – but you need about 5 exposures a day and about 1-2 teaspoons a day to stop plaque forming on teeth.

I am happy to offer more suggestions.

I would NOT suggest any kind of bleach or baking soda – since this takes away the natural protection – and that may have happened with the Oral B tooth gel – I am not familiar what it contains.

Best Wishes,


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