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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I’ve started using Zellies and want to write and email to our 59,000+ person list but have a question on one ingredient before I do this.

With the huge issue of excitotoxins today, a list I’ve seen published more than once show ‘natural flavors’ as almost always being some form of, or derivative of, glutamate excitotoxins. And that mints typically contain these. For sure aspartame is the worst and that may be the source for most mints except your. But there are a millions names today for what long ago was simply msg.

Do you know what makes up your ‘natural flavors’ ingredient?

Thank you.


Dear RC,

Thanks for your question and thank you so much for your offer to spread the word about xylitol and my program.

I have a video session tomorrow – to try and explain “face to face” with the public WHY this paradigm shift in dentistry is so VITAL.

This is more a matter of life and death than most people consider – since disease in your mouth easily spreads to affect other parts of your body.

The exact information about Zellies flavors is considered proprietary, but the natural flavors do not contain any MSG.

Zellies has citrus extracts in the fruit and peppermint oil and menthol in the mints.

We do not add any artificial sweeteners or aspartame in ANY products.

Without these additives, the flavor of our gum disappears more quickly than most commercial gums.

The flavor locks onto artificial sweeteners, and that is how the flavor “lasts” – which has been a big attraction for gum chewers!

Hope this answers your question!

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health
Dr Ellie@drellie.com

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  • jssp says:

    Another advantage of the Zellies is it is the only brand that specifies 1 gram of xylitol. If you look close at the others they just say "contains 1 gram", not saying 1 gram of what. Sneaky sneaky. Personally, I like the mints better then the gum.Carl

  • Lois says:

    The fact that the flavor in Zellies gum doesn't last as long as that of the junky commercial gums is really not an issue, given that chewing gum beyond the 5-10 minutes that you might in order to derive the benefits of the xylitol is not good for the jaw joint. In other words, those people who chomp on gum for hours on end are potentially damaging their temperomandibular joint, as I understand it.

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