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Greetings Dr. Ellie,

Thank you so much for your superb contribution to our health. I have absorbed your book and read thru this blog extensively, but there are a few points I remain confused on.

First, I have bone loss extending down most of the root of a very slightly loose molar, and been told that bone does not regrow and that my only option is extraction. You speak of remineralization or the filling in of the skeleton structure of bone/enamel and say that bone loss can be stopped, but have you ever seen it regrow with your system, or any other? If your answer is no, then why not? Why would jaw bone differ from a broken limb? As far as simply halting bone loss, do you think the cessation is possible when the loss is deep, i.e, will the rinses/xylitol penetrate so far?

Concerning cavities, have you observed the potent xylitol/act combo healing holes that extend thru the enamel to the dentin? Page 48 indicates this is impossible, but some of your blog comments seem to be far more optimistic, saying you have seen large cavities heal.

Finally, a third confusion regarding 7-9 mm gum pockets. You state in at least one place that your conviction that these can be reduced in depth is based on clinical observation, but other times you say this info comes to you soley from emails etc., so hope you can clarify which it is. Also, do you think a reduction of 3-4 mm is possible?

Been following your plan exactly for one month and allready notice pinker gums, smoother teeth. Fantastic!

I apologize for so much inquiry, but really need help and think others may find this helpful also. Thanks again.


Hi C,

Thanks for your message and your questions.

Any book references /studies / protocols or traditional therapies claim healing is not possible – BUT THEY have NOT used MY system.

Without the use of ALL the components of my system – I will agree that healing may not occur to this degree.

Very few dentists have used my system – hence no reports / agreement / endorsement from our profession YET.

For this to work, you have to use all the components of my system – and most people do not know what this system is!

Things, however, are quickly changing!

The main changes are that we can test saliva for bacteria (we measure strep.mutans) and we can also test for the pathogens of periodontal disease.

I have taken tests on a large selection of people using my system – and they had “below detectable levels” of strep. mutans in their saliva.

Only 10% of the population can furnish this result – so I feel that 100% of my sample being in this state was a very positive result!

To heal cavities into the dentin you have TO ERADICATE THE DISEASE BACTERIA.


Many “health” conscious people who may use xylitol – do not/ will not use fluoride.

Without fluoride you will not get surface healing.

You need both xylitol and fluoride to work TOGETHER.

Oral DNA testing is a method used to show the pathogens of periodontal disease.

A lady with pathogenic bacteria went to one of the top periodontal practices in the country – and followed their therapies.

She kept getting re-infected from her husband – and could not lower the numbers of pathogens in her mouth.

I put her on my system of rinses and xylitol –

Within three months her profile showed all the pathogen levels had gone down – below levels of concern.

I now have a couple of dentists testing their patients before and after putting them on my system of care.

Collecting these results will give us an interesting case study.

Another dentist who had noticed improvements in his patients who were on my system, was diagnosed with a tumor that required radiation therapy.

Only when his oral health was in jeopardy did he call to find out “what is your system”

I have other such testimonials – but nothing will be as conclusive as the DNA test results.

What have you got to lose?

I suggest you do the system that I recommend – but realize it must be followed TO THE LETTER.

Closys must be used without flavor – your toothbrush must be clean – the paste must be exact – the method followed – and adequate xylitol during the day.

Do not mix and match.

No peroxide, no baking soda, no water-pik.

I would also add fresh pineapple (helps healing for bone and skin) and maybe some probiotics.

Good diet – rest, sunshine and nutritional supplements – to ensure you have good amounts of vitamin C and other minerals for bone healing in your diet.

Thanks very much for your question,

Please let me know if I have missed out any important part of your question.

I have tried to explain why you cannot compare my method with ANY other protocol or therapy – since they do not involve xylitol.

Best Wishes,


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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