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I have been using your system for about a week now and I am definitely impressed. I was an avid flosser-and always got “stuff” from between my teeth. Since I’ve been using your system, flossing is downright boring. Nothing is between my teeth!

Having had this experience, I plan to begin talking with my dental friends. They are probably going to be resistant to the concept so I am still reading the book to get my info straight.

I have an additional question. I have been using a product called MI Paste Plus-it’s a Recaldent product that my dentist recommended when my teeth became sensitive. Are you aware of Recaldent? How would it fit into your program (translation-I just bought 10 tubes of it and would like to use it-I think it really helped the sensitivity, and my dentist reports that my teeth are “harder” since I’ve been using it)?


Hi K,

I am delighted that you are using this system of oral care.

If you stay dedicated to the program (clean brushes, correct products, adequate xylitol) you will find your oral health not only continues to improve but that it does this year after year.

This system provides sustainable oral health – unlike so many other “quick fixes”.

Sensodyne is a classic example of a quick fix.

If you have read my book you will know why this is the case. It is because Sesodyne behaves like putty to fix a hole in drywall.

Sensodyne can block up holes in teeth -( which can make them feel better) – but this “treatment” does nothing to permanently fix and control the problems.

I hate to tell you but I classify MI paste/Recaldent in the same category (although for different reasons.)

Recaldent was “developed” as an answer to a problem.

There was a need to use up a surplus of dried milk powder – taken out of the “marketplace” to stabilize milk prices.

The oral care companies knew that milk is cariostatic (stops decay) and helps re-mineralize teeth.

They began to try and incorporate it into toothpaste and rinses – many years ago.

As far as I know the study results were never very good – but the ADA Paffenbarger Foundation holds the intellectual property on the product – so they are very excited about endorsing and promoting it!

Milk and good organic dairy products would probably be much more effective for your oral health (but I have NEVER heard the ADA endorse these!Ha!)

Xylitol and dilute fluoride rinsing with ACT probably remineralize your teeth far more effectively than using MI paste ( but I cannot prove this – I don’t have the money to run such a study).

Personally I would use my system – don’t mix and match.

Keep the paste you purchased in a bag – ready to take it to your next appointment.

Don’t tell your dentist anything at the start.


Then ask to return the MI paste for a full refund.

If they do not do this – I will refund any out of pocket expenses you have purchasing the system products from Zellies!!

I guess it just frustrates me that milk has never been touted as a health food for teeth – at least not until it was sold in expensive little tubes with an ADA endorsement!!

The public lose out all the time.

Zellies wants to change all that!

Best Wishes,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health
Dr Ellie@drellie.com

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  • Addi says:

    Hi, the ACT fluoride rinses that I've come across have all been colored. Will the coloring have an effect on the color of one's teeth as they become remineralized, and if so, is there a non-colored one you can recommend? Thanks.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    The color in ACT will not have any effect on the color of your teeth – your teeth will actually lighten up as the enamel becomes hardened by the use of this rinse. I wish ACT had a clear product that was as good as the current ACT anticavity – because it would "look" nicer – and who wants those extra color things anyway?

  • Diane says:

    I was about to ask you about MI paste, and found this post. You state, “The oral care companies knew that milk is cariostatic (stops decay) and helps re-mineralize teeth.”

    Do you think making a paste of evaporated milk and water or just regular skim milk and rinsing my mouth with either for 5 minutes will speed recalcification and desensitivity of the teeth? Will natural sugars in the milk cause more problems then it will help?

    MI paste company states that calcium will not work if phosphoric acid is not added to buffer the pH. So, would milk alone work?

    If you think milk would help, where in your system should I add it?


    • We have to be careful about milk because there are many different kinds – and their effect on teeth varies.

      Before I answer your specific question about making a milk-paste, let me suggest that Zellies mints and gum, used after every meal, snack or drink, and combined with my system of tooth care, will provide calcium, phosphates and perfect pH requirements for remineralization many times each day (whenever you eat Zellies) and also for the protection of your teeth at night.

      Whole milk has been shown in numerous studies to be somewhat protective of teeth – especially when consumed after foods that damage teeth (think milk and cookies!) Basically it appears milk raises the pH of the mouth and limits damage from acidity created by sugary foods. I don’t think you need to make a “paste” and researchers have already tried unsuccessfully to do this ( which was why I question if MI paste works). Cheese, on the other hand, is well suited for remineralizing teeth – so why not enjoy a little of whole milk cheese after meals or as a snack during the day?

      Skim milk and low-fat milks do not achieve the same results as whole milk and are not recommended. These “adjusted” milk products have an imbalance of fats to sugars and have not been shown as safe for teeth (plus many people are amazed to discover that skim milk has been fed to pigs to fatten them – here is a link to this – and there is more to google-search if you want! ). For young children or people looking for a lower-fat milk, I suggest diluting whole organic milk with water – then the fat to sugars ratio is not affected. Hope this answers your question!

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