Should I floss?


I started using your recommended program after reading your book. I noticed that flossing is not part of the program. If I recall correctly, the pre-rinse (closys) and the antiseptic (Listerine) mouthwash are supposed to be sufficient.

In the past I used to get a lot of cavities in between the teeth that stopped after I started flossing. I didn’t use to use any mouthwash before however. My question is:

Is the flossing not necessary if I follow your program or do you actually believe it would be harmful or might reduce the effectiveness of your program?

I am still worried about food debris getting stuck in those hard to reach places by the brush. I know they are there, I am not sure if I shouldn’t worry about it now that I am using the mouthwash.



Hi TC and thanks for your question.

I know that the US public has grown up believing that 6 month dental cleanings and flossing are the two most important ways to have good teeth.

If this WAS working – then the statistics would be different.

You see, 95% of the US public ends up with gum disease? Why is this?

Why would a hygienist have periodontal problems?

The fact is that even brilliant flossing cannot protect your teeth from cavities or gum disease completely.

It may help you IF the only other things you do are brushing and dental cleanings!

If you are using adequate xylitol and the rinse system I recommend – then flossing is totally voluntary.

I can give you a different look at this – a “visual” if you like!

Instead of worrying about the microscopic “cleaning” of teeth ( which is actually impossible with floss) – I suggest a process that will help “clean your ENTIRE mouth”.

Think of a fish bowl with stones in this bowl ( the stones = your teeth)

If the water in the fish bowl is clean – the stones stay clean and “healthy”.

If the water in the fish bowl is infected – NO AMOUNT OF CLEANING, FLOSSING OR BRUSHING will help you!

The stones will continue to get “dirty” and “infected”.

Xylitol “cleans the water” in the bowl – so the stones ( your teeth ) stay clean and healthy.

Xylitol helps the mouth rinses do a better job to make teeth smooth and healthy – allowing them to STAY that way.

If you want to floss – then do this first – before your start the system of rinses.

If your gums are receding or your teeth are sensitive – I suggest a flossing holiday – to give your gums a chance to recover and grow back.

Hope this helps,


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