Tooth Damage at the Root

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you for being so caring and concerned about the health of people’s teeth, and for all your work on this. I found your book when looking for a solution to my many small teeth problems (although the dentist could find nothing wrong, except the tooth at the back is possibly cracked although x-ray showed nothing).

My question is: is there any hope for a tooth that is sick at the root? The symptoms are a puffy gum in one spot, which sorta comes and goes and pain when I press on the gum where the root is. The only evidence on the x-ray was a slight “shadow” on one part of the root near the top. This is a filled tooth. Let me know if you need more information.

I was holding out hope for it, because of how it all started and I am thinking that the underlying health to that area of my mouth is getting better, so maybe these symptomatic issues would change too.

Thank you,
SM – Canada

Hi SM,

There is nothing to loose if you start my system and use it carefully for a period of time – then re-evaluate this tooth – or tooth area of your mouth.

The use of xylitol with the mouth rinses that I recommend will cure and stop any cavities or decay that may be involved.

This system will cure and stop any periodontal issues that may be causing a problem.

I doubt that my system will correct the cracked tooth problem – if this really IS the problem.

My advice – get on my system and use it EXACTLY as recommended.

Don’t mix and match products – you have to follow the directions and recommendations for the xylitol and mouth rinses EXACTLY.

I recommend using a Zellies toothbrush – and remember to keep it clean and dry between uses.

I would wait before you do anything else – and I would be very interested to hear the outcome of this story!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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