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Dear Dr. Ellie Fans:

We are working hard to get our Zellies Facebook page really working — so people can ask questions there, get links, read testimonials and get special promotions and news.

We have just 124 Facebook “likes” as of this morning. Since you are all regular readers of the blog – we would like you to consider connecting to us on Facebook, and we ask that you share the link with your friends. Facebook can be a powerful way for us to reach even more people and we want to use it!


We would also like your suggestions for regular news, giveaways, etc. What would you like to see? How do you think we can get the word out about good oral health and Dr. Ellie’s System?

Comment Below – or visit us on Facebook. THANKS!

 – The Zellies Team

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  • wesleyh says:

    I think it would be best if you implemented some other changes too..Get rid of blogspot and host this blog on or — via hosted wordpress. Make sure to export and move correctly.Add the facebook like and tweet buttons to each blog post. Add the like button to as well. Be sure to integrate opengraph meta tags.Consider adding a forum (, or similar)Well, giveaways are easy. Just give away the complete dental system. Use a twitter or facebook contest where people have to tweet to your site to be considered. Or ask people to review the system on their blogs.Get some paid reviews and/or tweets going:,, or simply send out free packs of the complete system to select bloggers with large audiences.Consider joining some of the big (dental) health forums and participate in the discussions.More testimonials by other dentists that recommend this system as well would be nice.The zellies shop appears to be quite slow. Please optimize.Consider selling zellies via as well.Get a twitter account and get tweeting!Clean up the categories on your blog, there are hundreds and many could be combined.That's just a few ideas. Do with it as you like.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thanks for the great ideas! we will work to make as many possible as we can! – Web Manager

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