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I wrote to you two weeks ago about my great results at my periodontist appointment after being on the full Clean White Teeth protocol for three months.

My husband, went to his own periodontist today for his 6-month checkup. Like me, he has been on the complete system (i.e., correct rinses, Crest regular paste, xylitol and clean toothbrush) since the end of December 2010. After his cleaning, he asked the hygienist how things were looking. “Really good”, she replied, and commented on the fact that the slight pockets that were previously in his lower gums had gone away.

I think that the best part is that the periodontist came in at the end of the appointment. (By the way, this periodonist has been in practice for a long time, 30 or 40 years, and based on the one time that I saw him as a patient, he is, in my opinion, very “old school”) After looking around Jeff’s mouth, he then said, “Your cleaning regimen seems to have improved.” And of course, this is absolutely true! (Although no one asked my husband what, if anything, he had been doing differently.)

SO…my husband is happy and I am thrilled for him! And we will carry on doing what we’re doing and spreading the news to family, friends and community! And of course, we’ll continue to keep you posted of our future progress.

Thank you so much, Dr Ellie, for all the information on your site, and for being the Champion for dental health that you are!

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