I have been using your system for four months now and read your blog. You have been mentioning probiotics and a good mineral supplement. Can you recommend a few that you like and use? The supplement market is overwhelming! Thank you for all the good information.


Dear T:

Hi and thanks for your question.

I asked my AAOSH nutrition expert to help me answer this question. He is concerned that the quality of many in retail are not good. (He has his own line –
but I think his products are for health care providers so they may be quite expensive and only sell in cases of product).

Whole Foods and GNC probably stock the best mineral supplements and also probiotics.

Personally I take Usana multivitamins and minerals but I ensure that I eat well, rest and exercise.

My husband purchases from Dr Joseph Mercola – and likes his recommended products.

I also believe that Young Living has good products – but I am not familiar with the whole product line.

Hope this helps,

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  • Anonymous says:

    An excellent source of probiotics, if available in your area, is raw dairy like kefir, milk, and colostrum. We have access to the Organic Pastures products, but any local dairy farm should have them too.

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