Children and Cleaning Teeth

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you for the reassuring talk. We are now at 16 days since starting xylitol.

Her oral regimen includes, 5 doses of granular xylitol[1/4 teaspoon each] and 3 times brushing her teeth. I was using crest kids anti cavity toothpaste but now I have replaced it with ACT kids rinse since the past 2 days.I am not sure if ACT is staying on the brush when I shake out the excess….do you advice no use of toothpaste at all for all the 3 times of brushing?
I haven’t been giving her any multivitamins either.


Dear Anon-

You are doing great!!

“Cleaning” teeth is just a word that people use – the idea is to “apply” the correct agent to the tooth surface.

For a baby with cavities – the best agent is a tiny amount of the ACT rinse – just a tiny, tiny amount will make a big big difference.

The other ingredients in toothpaste are fillers and abrasives – and it is most important that we do not damage her teeth any more – we want to heal them.

Imagine these cavities are scratches on skin.
If we can get a scab to form – we do not want to “scratch it off” – or this can delay healing.

The xylitol is healing the “flesh” or deeper parts of these teeth.
The ACT is encouraging the “skin” of these teeth to grow back over to heal the wound.
This is why you need both the xylitol and the ACT for tooth healing.

You are on the right path – keep going!!!


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