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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have somewhat of a strange question.

I started to get a cold about 2 days ago. I know that having cough candies in your mouth during the night is a major ‘no-no’. So my question is can you replace these candies with Zellie mints. Would they be safe to have in you mouth during the night? It shouldn’t cause any damage from sitting in one area should it? I like to hold them between my cheek and gums.
Thank you for your help 🙂


Dear L:

Yes, Only good things happen with Zellies!

Use the entire mouth rinse program – Listerine can help with sore throats.
Xylitol nasal spray is also great for nasal congestion ( available in any health store – product name Xlear).

Give your cold “the xylitol treatment”, lots of rest, some sunshine (if you can find any) and good minerals and vitamins.

Vitamin C is useful – D and K ( pineapple)

Get better quickly and let us know how you are doing!!
Best Wishes,


Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
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  • Anonymous says:

    XyliMelts are perfect to use during the night. They have a xylitol side with a vegetable gum side that adheres to the roof of your mouth or cheek. They last longer during the night than regular xylitol mints which I use as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason why you are not supposed to fall asleep with cough drops, gum, etc in your mouth is due to choking hazzard. I would NEVER go to bed at night with something like that in your mouth. Dr Ellie, I hope that you reconsider your recommendation due to the choking hazzard that this presents.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Thanks for the message – you have more time than I do to worry about other people's habits. Ha!!I think this lady is a grown up – and that she has been doing whatever she is doing for years and years.I am not here to nanny the entire nation – just to bring some important and useful dental facts to whomever is listening.Zellies dissolve quickly anyway – they are small -hmmmmm….I am not really too concerned – but I get your point! Thanks.Zellies is working to produce some delicious quick dissolving ZellieBears aimed particularly at young toddlers and kids.They dissolve so quickly – they do not present any chocking hazard.These will be 100 percent European xylitol and all natural.This will be my recommendation for this lady – as soon as the Bears are ready for sale!Thanks again,Ellie

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