Xylitol Toothpaste


What is your opinion of Xylitol toothpaste?


Dear A:

Xylitol toothpaste sounds like a good idea.

I have not yet tried one I support – most are far too abrasive.

If you want to brush with xylitol – just make a solution of granular xylitol in water and use that.

Xylitol solution is perfect to clean children’s teeth or someone who is elderly and cannot spit out.

Xylitol is also anti-fungal and will offer protection to a debilitated patient against fungal infections and mouth sores etc.

I do not recommend using xylitol as toothpaste unless you have perfect teeth, have never had a cavity and are in great health with a strong immune system.

( Of course many children fit into this category)

The rest of us need the help that a small amount of sodium fluoride can offer in addition to the help that comes from xylitol.

My system of oral care is described in my book, on my website and in booklets to download from my site www.drEllie.com

This specific system of care requires the protection from the Crest Cavity Protection paste to “protect” teeth from the Listerine (which is another vital step in the system).

Used as I describe, my system will not only make your mouth healthy but has the healing capacity to reverse cavities and also heal gum disease.

Alter or change the components of this system – and it will not work!


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