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Hi Dr Ellie,

Please pardon any ignorance on my part. I read on your blog about cleanings would denude the teeth. What does this mean? I find that I always have something on the front of my teeth and some build up around the gum line on some teeth. The hygienist is pro xylitol and we have talks about it. She always finds stuff on my back teeth at the gum line as well. So if I keep sticking with the plan I can, “Kiss My Dentist Goodbye”?

I apologize that I have not read this book in it’s entirety. I have been very busy schooling 4 children with an active toddler as well.

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Hi AS,

“Plaque” or “calculus” or “tartar” is what hygienists clean off teeth – and most people think always deposits on teeth – and they have no control over it (WRONG).

With correct care you can eliminate mouth infection and your teeth will be covered only by a healthy film – that should not be scraped away or destroyed by harsh chemicals.

This healthy film is called pellicle – and it protects teeth when we eat. It protects them from thermal, chemical or bacterial attack.

Without this layer your teeth will be sensitive, weak, soft and they can stain more easily.

If you are using my mouth rinse routine and still appear to develop plaque deposits – increase the frequency and amount of the xylitol you are consuming.

This natural film covers healthy teeth – but if it becomes infected, it thickens as bacteria multiply (plaque).

In an acidic mouth calcium leaches out of teeth and makes this layer harden up (calculus or tartar).

Antibiotics, baking soda, toxic toothpastes (with chemicals like triclosan in them) peroxide, bleaching products or chlorine – can destroy this healthy film.

Then your teeth are left vulnerable to infection or they can become sensitive, weak or stained.

If you take a course of antibiotics for a medical condition – it may still affect your mouth bacteria.

I recommend working to replenish healthy pellicle – using the products I recommend, xylitol and possibly taking probiotics.

My feeling is that people with healthy mouths (particularly children) should NOT have a dental cleaning UNLESS THEY HAVE TARTAR OR CALCULUS or plaque build up.

You should ask why your child is having a cleaning – if his or her mouth is healthy with no cavities, no sign of staining and no plaque.

WHY the cleaning?

I know it may be paid by insurance – but that is not a good reason.

I hope this explains why I feel someone should evaluate every patient BEFORE they have a cleaning – to decide if it is really necessary.

I also worry that the air in a dental office may contain spray from patients who have previously had a cleaning……..whcih opens up all kinds of questions!

At least keep your Zellies handy after the appointment!

Best Wishes,


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