8 Year-Old and Teeth

Dr. Ellie,

First of all, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. My eight year old is hanging on to his baby teeth and we’re getting more confident every day that he will be able to keep all of them strong until his permanent teeth come in. I was thrilled to see your free shipping and ordered the system for my family right away. Just a question, he is a fantastic rinser, is eight too young to use the complete system? So far we’ve been using xylitol (5x a day), Crest original paste, and oral-b rinse (will switch to ACT as soon as we receive it). I’m assuming he is too young but thought I’d ask just in case.



Hi CK,

I am happy to have been helpful to you.

My kids started with the complete rinse system at 6 years old – and they have FANTASTIC teeth!

I see no reason for your son not to use the complete system – unless he does not want to.

This needs to be fun – and he should like the feeling – to have such clean teeth!

The best news is that he will probably be told how wonderful his teeth look at his next dental appointment.

Beware – many dentists will want to take you off the system – or use another kind of toothpaste.

Many dental offices want to change you onto the “latest” product – even if your teeth are looking spectacular.

I have never understood that!

Best wishes,


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