Testimonial about Dr. Ellie

The following is my feelings about Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Phillips about 6 weeks ago. I sat at a dinner (given by Oral DNA Laboratory) at which Dentists were asked to give testimony on several subjects. Ellie gave dramatic testimony about her oral hygiene technique and its benefits. I became a convert immediately! The next question is why I became a convert.

Ellie exhibited a very thorough knowledge of oral biofilm.
She exhibited such a burning desire to help those who cannot afford some of our expensive dental treatment.

She knew things about Xylitol and Sorbitol and Mannitol that I had very little knowledge of (all of which was corroborated by another meeting I attended 5 weeks later).

She knew how to heal sick teeth without a dentist. I had been hearing reports on this subject for a few years and had been recommending Trident Gum, thinking I was being helpful to my patients. Right idea but wrong delivery system….this just shows how harmful a little knowledge can be.

My “Texan’s inner intuition” immediately told me this woman “for real”. She is all about the patient and not about making big bucks with dentistry. She is some one I would want covering my back in a fox hole. My conversations with her in the last few weeks have only served to confirm my initial judgments about her.

I have been using her technique personally for only about 2 weeks. I can only tell you that it is amazing. I have been brushing and flossing daily for about 45 years, and I can only say that her technique makes my mouth feel absolutely wonderful. It is almost addicting. We are in the process of converting every patient in my office to this technique.

By the way, I have been in general practice for 41 years.

Ron Phillips
Lubbock, Texas

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  • KKC says:

    Hi Dr. Ron Phillips,Thanks for sharing your testimonial. I've been following Dr. Ellie's blog and Complete System for 1 1/2 years now, and would expect her to be of fine integrity in person.I think you'll continue to love the results of the System, for yourself and your clients!Best wishes,KKC

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