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Below is a conversation between Dr. Ellie and a follower who is being interviewed on the radio. Dr. Ellie’s responses are in Bold.

Hi Ellie:

The pastor of our church wants to interview me for a radio program he does. He’s doing a show on dental wellness this Wednesday the 6th of April

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you about some of the points I wanted to cover.

1. We recommend Xylitol to all of our patients. I think we are all at risk for dental decay. I know CAMBRA talks about assessing risk for patients and yes some are definitely more at risk than others, but we just recommend it to all of our patients. –> I agree – I used to do analysis – but although CAMBRA is a useful tool – I now assume everyone is at risk!

2. We promote the gum and the candies. We also have the granular sugar, but I myself take the candy and just keep it in the car. We talk about “striving for five” exposures a day of Xylitol. –> This is great. Total dosage is also important if you are trying to eradicate an active disease process. I recommend putting a teaspoon in water as a drink at the start of the day and then use mints and gum to enjoy after meals, in the car etc during the rest of the day. This solves frequency AND dosage problems.

3. Sources of Xylitol. First of all there is your company and then there is the Spry company. Have you found Xylitol available in stores? Can patients go to a Vitamin shop and buy it? –> I think Spry and Zellies are the two in most well-known since we are in grocery stores (Wegmans) (Whole Foods) and health food stores. On-line there are Spiffies baby tooth wipes, and also some imported gum and mints from Europe under the name Xylichew. In dental offices there are mints and gum from Germany and also a new one from Ultradent and 3-M. Beware the products that mix in sorbitol or mannitol. Not only can these give you gastric problems ( the sorbitol is terrible for this) but studies show that mixing the products can undo the benefits of remineralization. Plaque can use sorbitol to grow and thicken – sugarless is NOT always safe for teeth! Make sure you have 100 percent xylitol products.

4. I thought I’d mention the protocol we got from you, that is using the CLoSYS, Crest regular paste, Listerine and ACT and doing that twice per day. –> It is a truly amazing way to clean teeth, strengthen them and even reverse many gum problems and even early cavities. And this system will help people who have trouble flossing or who cannot floss. It is also great for anyone who is about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

5. Do you feel confident in saying that if a patient does the rinses, twice daily, and takes Xylitol they will not get a cavity or rather we should say, the chances of getting a cavity are very low. –>There is NO WAY for anyone to have a cavity if they are using the system morning and night and having sufficient xylitol(frequency and dosage) during the day. NO WAY.

6. I think I have asked you this before, this protocol is effective against decay, but how effective is it against periodontal disease? –> It is amazing – and usually periodontal disease thought to be unable to be cured will go away. Nutrition is also involved for gum healing and health – so supplements of minerals and vitamins may be useful along with my system. I also recommend probiotics and if possible the use of organic yogurts and dairy products during the healing process. Sunlight, fresh pineapple and fish oil are also important to ensure enough of the healing vitamins that promote healing of skin for health. ( here is the pineapple link:

7. I will also mention the link between oral health and systemic health.–> ( is becoming a wonderful resource for the public and also health professionals from all disciplines). One of the most important links is heart health, pre-term birth and also risk for stroke. Anyone who is pregnant must consider the dangers of periodontal disease – since gum inflammation can cause the body to “let” the baby be born early. Anyone who is at risk for a heart attack or stroke should get on my system – since it works for people who cannot floss or who do not like to floss. If you are at risk of a heart attack it may be dangerous to floss ( in case you open a wound and let bacteria into the blood supply).
Any other issues you think I should address? –> The spread of cavity germs from parents to the children – these also spread between children in day care. CAVITIES is a disease – and it spreads during kissing and during sharing food. The whole family MUST get on my program ( preferably ) or at very least – a xylitol program – to protect their children from cavities and fillings.



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