Open Letter to WebMD from Dr. Ellie

Dear Editor of Web MD, 

Your recent review of the study describing how fresh foods reduced BPA was helpful.

This study raised the question why study subjects did not show MORE reduction when they eliminated all plastics from their diet and water bottles etc.

You article described the dangers of BPA – most notable the relationship with diabetes and cancer.

In this article there was no mention about WHITE FILLING MATERIALS AND SEALANTS used in dentistry.

Today almost every child has sealants placed on their teeth – even when they have no sign of any decay and when less problematic options exist.

Why are we not concerned about raising our children’s risk for diabetes? and cancer?

Why is there NOT ONE mention of this problem in your study?

I believe that dental sealants and white fillings are creating an enormous problem – but parents are not being warned about this.

There has been one CNN documentary on this hazard but not enough outcry.

There are other more effective treatment and prevention options, yet in the dental world – sealants and white fillings are used daily without warning patients.

We MUST visit this issue and address these concerns.

Obviously your researchers did not even visit this issue – or they would have included a dental history in the study.

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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