Have You Seen This Testimonial?

Dear Ellie, you are a breath of fresh air to the dental profession.

In my 41 years of private dental practice, teaching, lecturing etc. I don’t think I have ever met anyone with your enthusiasm and drive to prevent dental disease. As we all know the majority of dentistry that is practiced is of the drill, fill and bill variety. We have known for decades how to prevent dental disease. For instance xylitol has been around for 50 years and used very successfully to eliminate strep mutans, the bug that causes enamel decay. Stabilized Chlorine dioxide is EPA approved and is an effective fungicide, bacterialcidal and antimicrobial agent against tooth decay and the bugs that cause periodontal disease. All anyone has to do these days is Google any of the agents that you condone and see the companies, products and studies that are available today in the market place. Many old timers in dentistry (and I hate to say some who still thrive in an academic school environment) have no clue what you know and are left in the dark ages. I enjoy your products as do many of my patients – whom are experiencing disease free oral health. If the dental mind set was like yours we would have a population that was on its way to eliminate oral diseases. Keep up the good work and have anyone call me that doubts your efforts. A little education goes a long way to create value for what we do.

My best,
Ron Plotka DDS
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