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Hi Dr. Ellie:

I found your blog when I came back from a dental appointment in shock as my 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with 8 cavities and a proposed treatment plan involving pulpotomy, extraction, crowns, fillings, and sealants. I honestly can say that there is nothing outrageously unigue or neglectful in her diet or hygiene habits that can logically account for this! I hadn’t heard of these treatments for children until I researched online and found your blog. Aside from not having insurance or thousands of dollars for the treatment, I don’t want to put her through this if I can avoid it. Mostly, I was scared for her future because I have no idea what caused this extensive decay or how to prevent it for the future – at least, until I found your blog and information on bacteria. (Thank you – we have just started your system, and in a short time I can tell a difference in my own teeth).

My question is, how can I find/trust a dentist who supports this more holistic method and can determine if, in her current condition, we can afford to delay all or part of her treatment to give your system a chance to work without compromising her dental health? I have called several, and except for the pediatric dentist, they have never heard of doing crowns and root canals on children, and aren’t familiar with methods of healing decay. How can I be sure that I can wait or need to go ahead and proceed with treatment? I am just sick over this situation, and the cost to her health and our finances. I so appreciate your blog and your products, and at least feel like I have hope for the future, but am still very conflicted about what to do now. Please offer any advice you have.

Thank you,


Hi M,

I am sorry that it has taken me a while to reply to your message.

I get hundreds of messages each day – and I try to sort them – replying quickly to those I feel that I can help immediately – and I also try to get back quickly to people who seem completely lost.

You appear to have gathered up the information and have already adopted my system – Congratulations!!!

You must ensure you have enough xylitol daily – enough frequency – and then the rinses will work great for a 6 year old – under your supervision.

Clean your toothbrushes and let them dry between uses!!

I cannot tell you at this time of a dentist who would treat your daughter the way that I would.

Most dentist in the US have a different image of filling teeth – teeth that I may consider do not NEED to be filled at this time.

Unfortunately over the computer it is hard for me to help you.

I am a member of AAOSH – which is an organization of health care providers that understand a bigger picture of oral health.

A dentist in this group would be open minded and would endorse xylitol and non-invasive techniques.

You can check and see if any of the members are in your area and if so, ask them to contact me if they would like to.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you,

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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