Calcium Lactate

Hi there,

I found this link about how adding calcium lactate to xylitol gum can increase the remineralization process of teeth.. .. I think it may be helpful information, maybe to apply then to Zellies products.. Best regards. JM


Thank you for this link.

I have been so impressed by the remineralization produced by Zellies alone – that I am not sure if adding more to this product is a good idea or not.

I agree that minerals are necessary for remineralization.

There is obviously a salivary component – and diet will affect the mineral content of saliva.

Salivary pH is also important – and not mentioned in the study you link to.

Maybe for people without saliva – extra minerals may be useful.

I usually recommend a good diet to anyone trying to remineralize their teeth.

I suggest plenty of D and K along with high quality mineral supplements.

Probiotics are useful to ensure the health of oral biofilm and also the health of the digestive tract.

Eating fermentable foods – good dairy etc should be part of any wellness program and especially when you are trying to heal teeth.

Thanks so much for your suggestion – I will keep my eyes open for more on this!


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