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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Mt dentist (whom I have gone to him since 3 years old, and btw he thought your system sounded great!) did bonding on exposed roots on canine teeth which now have percussion pain. Will the system have positive effect on this? I have never had tooth pain in my life so you can imagine how I feel.

Thanks again!


Hi J,

Diagnosis is kind of a detective hunt – we look for evidence – thinking why did this happen etc?

Why did you NEED bonding on exposed roots of canine teeth?

You say this in the plural – not just one tooth – but you did not tell me if it was upper or lower.

So I am thinking upper – and I am thinking that whatever damaged your front teeth in 6 months – also did a number on the upper canine teeth.

Acidity and dry mouth are ALWAYS the problem.

In your case I would guess – possibly connected with something that caused you to breathe through your mouth. ??sinus or allergies.

Medications or stress may have dried your mouth (unless you were in the desert) and may have made you extra thirsty.

You may have had the desire for citrus drinks or even needed the use of an inhaler.

A bleaching toothpaste would have been sufficient in this situation to push your teeth “over the edge” by removing your protective biofilm.

Bonding on these sensitive spots (at the junction of the tooth where the enamel meets the root cement) is always difficult.

You need to calm the teeth, from the inside out and outside in!

The good news is that my system will definitely help – by creating a new biofilm (a cover) that feels smooth and protective over your teeth.

Be careful of your diet – (make sure it is nutritious) – consider dietary supplements that add vitamins and minerals and look into Probiotics (at least until your mouth feels comfortable).

Sunshine, fresh pineapple and fish oil are three particularly helpful “ingredients” when it comes to natural healing.

You may also want to take a flossing holiday around these teeth.

(Just don’t tell your dentist I said this!!)

Good luck and let me know how things progress.

I am always interested to hear outcomes.

Best Wishes,


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