Dear Ellie,

My wife (Sue) has just been to see her dental hygienist who is impressed with the state of her mouth, was v interested in your system, has told my wife she can now come in 6 instead of 4 months, and has said she will buy your book and speak to the dentist in the surgery about it!
I’m seeing the same hygienist & dentist in 2 weeks time… let’s hope my results are as good
Thank you!!!

Hi D,
What great news!!!

If you have seen such improvements, I am sure you will only continue to be MORE delighted as the years go on.

The good improvement means you have balanced your oral health – even though you had to search a bit for products, living in UK.

Congratulations – you found this system by looking and being sufficiently interested to give it a try.
Thanks so much for your vote of confidence in me and for following my suggestions.

Don’t forget to clean those toothbrushes!
On the website we actually have a new brush that I am promoting now – it is antibacterial.

I am not sure if it is available in UK – the brand is Mouthwatchers

Best Wishes – and please keep in touch!


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