Age Discrimination?

Hi Ellie
From your blog (emphasis added):
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Closys toothpaste . . . is really good for gums – and works for OLD PEOPLE who would never use the rinses.

Maybe you can give it to an ELDERLY AUNT. . .

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Ellie, the crucial variable is not the number of candles on the birthday cake, but the ability and willingness to learn and consistently follow an unfamiliar routine. As I think your own comments on your blog repeatedly illustrate, that ability/willingness can be lacking in people of all ages.

It was only a day or so ago that I remarked to you that my wife of forty+ years was not detail-oriented enough even to consistently do oil pulling. But that is not because she’s 70 but because she’s as non-detail-oriented now as she was at 23.

Ellie, I’m really surprised that so empathetic and insightful a person as yourself could lapse into ageist rhetoric. It was only a thoughtless moment, I’m sure.

Your continuing admirer,

Hi J, 

I did not have enough time to get back to you earlier – but I do have a response!!( of course)

I generally assume that the people I am working with, are trying to care for their teeth.

(I don’t pay much attention to people who don’t care – I don’t have enough time or energy for them).

Many people come to me – and they want help or questions answered. Difficulties occur sometimes

1) when people cannot grasp the system – it is too different from what they have been brainwashed to think tooth cleaning should be.

2) when people will not give up time to learn – (even though in the grand scheme it would save them years of problems with teeth and health in the future).

3) when people don’t trust or believe – I can’t help them either ( I used to try – but don’t do this any more).

4) there are people who want help, they grasp the concept but they either cannot deal with purchasing all these product or they cannot remembering the sequence to use the rinses.

These people are usually older.

So when I have this genre of client – I just focus on the Closys as a rinse or as a toothpaste ( + Zellies of course) – and forget the other rinses.

I would say this is my approach to someone in a nursing home, with dementia, in hospice or with deteriorating arthritis.

Gum disease does not routinely become a life-threatening problem until people reach the age of 50-60 years old ( unless they really don’t care about their teeth at all).

Gum disease will have more systemic impact on general health than anything else for these people – so it is important to focus on ways that will help them THE MOST.

My comment was that if you know someone in this situation – give them your spare Closys toothpaste – ( it is often included in the purchase of Closys mouth rinse.)

Don’t waste it – (literally) it could help save a life.

If you have younger folks in your family who won’t use the system – give THEM regular Crest Paste and a big bag of Zellies!

These young folks don’t need the Closys – since THEY are far more at risk for cavities than they are for any systemic fallout from periodontal disease.

Hope this explains – why “old” actually describes the genre of folks who most need Closys toothpaste – and why you should donate any spare product to them.

Thanks for picking up the point – but be assured I was not using agist rhetoric – this is dentistry oral-systemic fact!!

Thanks so much for being interested in discussion!


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