Apple Cider Vinegar and Water Oral Rinse?

Good Morning Dr. Phillips!

Just heard on the highly rated “The Doctors” T.V. program for bad breath is to use 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (not white vinegar) and stir into one glass of water. Then oral rinse (not swallow) with solution before spitting out. I can understand the thought of vinegar killing the bacteria, but what about the acid and it’s direct effect upon the outer surface of the teeth? Hmmm… Have a great weekend and I will look forward to your professional feedback once again!

Health Educator

Dear RL

There may be lots of ways to reach a state of oral health, but I cannot comment since I do not use it, have no records of long-term effects from using cider vinegar and I am clueless what it may or may not do in the short or long term!

I know a lot of health professionals recommend products that don’t work and even recommend ones that damage teeth!

I only recommend products that I KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT can help everyone.

I recommend products that will clean up teeth and sustain oral health for decades and decades – and can be used by adults of any age.

What more could I need?

Thanks for your question.

I would ask the ‘doctors” how they propose to convince you that this product WORKS.

Ask them for the long-term effects ( decades later – how do teeth treated like this LOOK and FEEL?)

If they don’t look young, healthy and wonderful – then I am not interested!

That is my two cents’ worth!!


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  • Chris says:

    Hi Doc –Don't know if you readily see comments on old posts, but I'm wondering about the statement you make above, that you're "clueless about what [cider vinegar] may or may not do in the short or long term." If this is the case, then I'm wondering about a response you gave a year prior (, where you state "I would suggest dilute cider vinegar" as an alternative to Listerine.I'm curious because I am also in a similar situation as the author of the prior question, and much as I'd like the level of dental health your system purports, I also need to avoid rinsing with alcohol.I'm wondering if your opinion here represents a change. If you still think cider vinegar could substitute for Listerine in special cases, what would you recommend the dilution strength be to best approximate your system? Thanks.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    The acidity of the vinegar should give benefit prior to using the ACT- but I honestly don't have enough people who have done this to state that it "works".It is a suggestion – and I think it is likely to enhance the usefulness of ACT – but I have no idea if it truly will or not.I don't know anyone who has used this long-term.I am sure Listerine followed by ACT works!If someone has a concern about alcohol in a dry mouth ~ I suggest they use Listerine – since I think these fears are not grounded in science.If there is a bigger "alcohol" problem – ( and I understand this) then I guess this situation calls for us to do the best we can.

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