Mouth Care System

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am having dental work done at a Dental school in Illinois.

After showing them you Mouth Care System Regiment from your book, I told them I wanted to try to help myself and asked for their input from my dentist.

This was their comment:

We don’t see any benefits, couldn’t find any studies about the use of chlorine dioxide rinses benefits

And suggested may be you get some monetary benefits from promoting it.

Please respond.

I suggest that you visit either my blog – or look at the comments on in the section where they review my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

I have a xylitol company called Zellies but I have no monetary benefit WHATSOEVER from recommending the other products.

Closys has a lot of good studies about their product on their website- visit their website

I HAVE NO CONNECTION with this company – the product is simply terrific.

Why do I do what I do?

I do what I do because I am a doctor and I have discovered a cure for this disease.

I will copy two dentist friends of mine about this message – and ask him if they have time to endorse me.

Both these dentists are new acquaintances of mine – we met a few months ago.

They have both tried my system and recommend it now in their practice.

I will also post this message on my blog – and maybe some former “clients” of mine can let you know that I simply CARE!

Alternatively give this a try and show them!! Ha!

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