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Dear Ellie

We are greatly enjoying your book.

We are in the UK and looking for a toothpaste.

You recommend Crest cavity protection toothpaste which is only sold in the US (we can get it on but it ships from NY)

I wonder what you think of Bioetene Dry Mouth toothpaste

which has xylitol and says it contains:

per 100g: Sorbitol Glycerin (of vegetable origin) Calcium Pyrophosphate Hydrated Silica Beta-d-glucose Cellulose Gum Isoceteth-20 Xylitol Sodium Monoflourophosphate (Cavity Inhibitor) Aroma Sodium Benzoate Potassium Thiocyanate Lactoferrin (16mg) Lysozyme

You also suggest on your site that UK residents can use “Colgate rinse – Fluorigard will work for you. Fluorigard is available at Boots and you should choose the ALCOHOL FREE version”.

But this contains Sorbitol! Isn’t that a problem?

(pretty well everything dental sold in the UK shops seems to have Sorbitol)


Dear DC

Sorbitol in the rinse is not an issue (not ideal but not an issue).

Sorbitol is a problem when it is consumed (horrible gastric issues) when it is mixed with xylitol (prevents remineralization) and when it is consumed often in sorbitol gum or foods (since on the third stick of gum it will start to GROW plaque).

In toothpaste – or as a rinse as part of my system – you have none of this issues.

The rinse routine is to strengthen and protect your teeth.

Xylitol during the day will promote a healthy oral environment (which is a different purpose but of course it works synergistically with the rinses).

Thanks so much for the interest and questions,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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