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Hi, Dr. Ellie,

My problem is that I developed oral thrush six months after starting to use xylitol (‘Perfect Sweet, 100% granulated xylitol) and it is proving to be very difficult to get rid off. I have had it for almost three months. I haven’t been ill, apart from a mild dose of flu at Christmas; I haven’t been on antibiotics and I haven’t changed my diet. I understand from your blog that xylitol works against thrush, so I can’t understand why I have developed this unpleasant disorder. Apart from that, my health is very good. I would appreciate your comments.

With thanks.


Hi SP,

If you were my patient – I would suggest you increase the amount and frequency of xylitol.

(I would also suggest you pay close attention to the oral care products that you are using – and I would suggest the routine I recommend.

Closys is known as Retardex in UK).

Listerine is an important component – to improve the health of oral mucosa ( the skin of the mouth).

Crest Cavity Protection paste and ACT will protect your teeth from the acidity of the Listerine.

You must clean and dry your toothbrush between each use – and keep away from toilets and from other people.

Listerine is the best way to clean a brush – swish in Listerine (full strength) rinse out and allow to completely dry between uses.

It is ideal to dry a toothbrush in sunlight.

In addition, pay close attention to your diet – fish oil, coconut oil (small amounts during the day) and make sure you have enough vitamin C.

You may want to consider probiotics – ask in your health food store.

Get into some sunshine yourself (maybe sit outside with your toothbrush!)

Finally make sure to clean any bathroom area where you clean your teeth or store your brush – very thoroughly.

Make sure you clean any stand or cup where you store your toothbrush.

This is a great time to use baking soda for cleaning your bathroom

(Baking soda is NEVER recommended for your mouth – but it is a great cleaner to remove molds in bathrooms and kitchens).

More xylitol, good oral care products (ENSURE no peroxide or baking soda in any of them).

Clean away any trace of mold from any of your bathroom area or any of your toothbrushes or storage utensils.

This should help.


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  • Anonymous says:

    My daughter recently got oral thrush too, and never had it before. The only change is that we have been using the Clean White Teeth System for a few weeks (exactly as directed). No antibiotics. No diet changes. What I did was have her stop using the Closys and Listerine for a week, and to eat more yogurt (three cups a day), and cut back on sugar for a week. Cleared it right up–of course, we caught it early and the spots she had in her mouth were small. She kept eating the xylitol the entire time. Is it possible that it isn't the xylitol, but the Closys and/or Listerine that are killing some of the "good bacteria" in the mouth along with the bad, which allows the yeast to take hold?It just seems that when using this system is the only thing that has changed, there might be a correlation between it and thrush.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I think there is more chance that it was connected with damp weather – misty weather – something that promoted more molds in the air.I would never point a finger at Closys.Besides the lady who was complaining was not using my system as directed.If you mix and match – I cannot help!

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