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Dear Ellie

My hygienist told me to use Corsodyl to improve my gums (deep pockets) which I use every day when I first wake up in the morning. (Chlorhexidine Digluconate, with other ingredients: Hydropropylcellulose, macrogolglycerol, hydroxystearate, sodium acetate, levomenthol, peppermint oil, isopropyl alcolhol and water). It says it is an antibacterial agent. Should I stop using it, or should I leave out one of your steps, or should I continue it as well as your full program?

We’ve bought (in the US, in the past) Tom’s Whole Care toothpaste what do you think of that one?

Thanks again for all your work in this area

best wishes


Hi D,

I cannot get between any professional advice you have been given – so I cannot comment.

Any comment about products you have been told to use would not be ethical or professional.

If you trust your dentist – and he/she has maintained your mouth in perfect oral health – then you must be in good hands.

I work with people who are being given poor advice.

People who have suffered – listening to advice – while their teeth fall apart!

These people have often been blamed for not flossing, or told their fillings are old, or told THEY are the problem.

Suddenly there is a new product that you are told to use – Hmmmmm.

My products are PREVENTIVE – they work for emergencies – but I recommend people start on my program BEFORE they have any issues!!

I also help unfortunate folks who have tried all the advice they have been given – yet they still have pockets, periodontal disease, broken fillings and sensitive teeth.

I try to explain to these people – that they have NOT been looked after.

I explain that THEY are NOT the problem.

What they need to do is to stop listening to the bad advice – since obviously this advice does not work.

I tell these people to put away all the sensitive toothpaste, plaque control toothpaste, strong and ugly rinses, expensive remineralizing pastes (which have little or no science to back up claims) and all the products that contain baking soda or peroxide. All these products are making the task of achieving oral health more difficult – many are damaging healthy pellicle (biofilm) – a natural covering over teeth – necessary for oral health. Pellicle forms from saliva proteins to cover our teeth and mouth. This film is nature’s way of protecting teeth and our mouths.

Many, many products recommended by dental professionals can damage this pellicle/biofilm.

If you want to know if your hygienist understands this VITAL bio-chemistry of the mouth – call up and ask this question:” Does XXX product damage the pellicle on my teeth?”

If there is a silence – you will know the answer.

As far as my system goes: if it is used in its entirety – exactly the way I recommend – IT WORKS.

I cannot advise if you mix and match – I doubt if you will have such amazing results.

If you lived in the US I would tell you to put all your old products away and use ONLY the products I recommend – in the order I recommend.

Retardex is an amazing product – and works exactly like Closys.

I know that when you combine the products I RECOMMEND – exactly – the results are STUNNING.

Pockets will repair and disappear – completely.

I have many people – who have returned to their dentist – to receive a WOW – WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING!

Two ladies ( not related to each other) have recently saved a total of $6,000 in periodontal treatments – just by using the system.

Hope this helps a bit!


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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow! I'm glad to read this post and find it very encouraging! I go for my own periodontal appointment in a few days, having been on the complete system for three months. I have been very nervous about the appointment, but now I feel hopeful and, more importantly, I'm more determined than ever to stick with the complete system as I have been doing. Thanks again, Dr. Ellie! You give me hope.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    My advice is to realize it takes time for nature to help you!The first six months will halt the disease – then the next six months are repair.If your condition is not worse – take this as great encouragement – and go home motivated to keep strictly on the program.Ensure you have enough xylitol – quantity each day and frequency!!Hopefully your dentist will be interested to monitor your progress with you.One interesting test is Oral DNA testing ( about $200). test will show which bacteria are in your saliva. You simply spit into a cup – and then the periodontist would send this specimen for analysis.The results will show EXACTLY which bacteria are causing you problems and how bad they are – and how many there are in your saliva.You would be able to ask if you can continue on my program for ( say) another 6 months and be re-tested.This would give you peace of mind and a picture of your bacteria – and how this system is working to reduce them.Here is a link to the time line for those on my program an idea!Ellie

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