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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I bought closys, crest, Listerine & act. – Clolys came with a free toothpaste- do you have an opinion on it? I also will check out your site.

In the meantime, should I use crest and clolys in am and crest, Listerine & act at night or vice versa?


Hi A,

You want to use all three rinses – in a simple, smooth routine – morning and night:

The routine is

Closys – Brush with Crest – Listerine – ACT

There is no water rinsing in between the steps: one follows the other.

The result should make you say “WOW my mouth feels terrific!”.

If you don’t say and feel this – something is wrong -and I will help you figure out what is the problem.

Closys toothpaste is not a bad paste ( the ONLY other paste that I would ever agree to someone using. The rest deserve to go in the trash!)

BUT you cannot use it as part of my system since it does not offer any protection to the teeth.

It is really good for gums – and works for old people who would never use the rinses.

Maybe you can give it to an elderly aunt or someone disabled with gum problems.

Hope this explains,


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  • Anonymous says:

    What does Crest toothpaste have that is missing in CloSYS Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste?

  • bfuly says:

    What protection does Crest offer that Closys w/fluoride doesn't?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    There was a similar question recently…..Closys with fluoride may work – I just don't have any history of people using it since it is a brand new product.I know that Crest works great – but Closys with fluoride may be another option.We need to run some side by side tests to see if there are any differences.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I can tell you that IF you use the products that I recommend, in the order that I recommend – I am confident that positive outcomes will be visible, and measurable.I can do this because I have suggested this system for many years.This is like a chef telling someone to follow a recipe – and being confident enough to say that ( if they do) the outcome will be the SAME as the chef has experienced over his many years of cooking.I can tell you that people using the products I recommend WILL experience positive and often stunning outcomes.Most people using my system are told to use it others who tried it – told by people who have already experienced positive results.Whole families are using this system and finding it works.With new technology I am finally able to start to MEASURE – (with Oral DNA tests and enamel hardness testing) – ACTUAL quantifiable results.These tests are quite expensive – but I am doing them to get measurements – an actual COUNT of oral bacteria in the mouth.So far the measurements are endorsing what I already know clinically – that MY SYSTEM WORKS.In the future, with such tests – we could use different products in the "recipe" – and then measure the results/outcome.This would basically be a clinical trial if it were designed properly. If Closys had the money to perform this clinical trial – they could possibly SHOW that their toothpaste was as good at reducing cavity AND gum problems (when used in my system) as the Crest.I don't own any of these products – and I don't make money suggesting one product over the other.I am doing my testing out of interest – to SEE that my system works on a piece of paper – rather than just observing positive outcomes over many, many years.Hope this answers your question – and explains WHY I don't know the answer to it!

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