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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I just read the post from a person whose teeth are supposedly now more yellow since they’ve been on your system – much darker than a crown that had been placed.

My daughter and I have been on your system since Sept 2010 and our teeth look as white as ever. I say only as white as ever since we used to use Listerine Whitening rinse, but no more. I was concerned about stopping that process since I drink so much coffee and wine, but honestly at 59 years old, my teeth are more shiny and “white” looking than ever. Same for my 24 year old daughter. I follow the system to the letter as in your book, which I bought and plan to donate to the public library since I’ve finished it. My daughter does not use the Closys.

I really am puzzled when I read about people who say they are using your system whose teeth turn yellow or have brown stains on them. I generally assume these are people trying to have “day-glo” white teeth or something. I have experienced none of that… only a cleaner, shiner, fresher mouth. I have tooth colored plastic fillings and they don’t “stand out” as being different colored at all. Everything is even. Also I no longer have morning breath which I thought was “natural”. I also get basically nothing when I use my tongue scraper now. I still use it because some things that I eat seem to leave me with a slightly coated tongue. I scrape and floss before I do your system, as you say in the book to go from one to the next without interruption.

I think of it as a moment of grace when I found your site and learned about xylitol – its so good for so many things! Anyway, I just want to thank you again and make sure you know there are plenty of people on your system who have no tooth color problems.


Hi S,

I keep most of the messages I receive over the years – filed in a special file.

I can go back when I hear stories like this lady with “more yellow teeth” and find old messages where she never did not like the idea of using ACT – nor Crest – and had her own ideas about other products.

(I think her dentist had recommended Biotene – which is actually acidic – and will only add to dental problems).

When I investigated another story of a lady who was not successful – she was making her own Closys. I have not idea what this was doing to her mouth and it was definitely NOT my recommendation!

I often have to reply several times when people have fear or concerns about the use of my syste.

I believe these people are usually never convinced, never confident and rarely use my system as a complete system – somehow they cannot believe.

If you are protecting and strengthening your teeth with my system – there is NO WAY for your teeth to darken.

The concept of color is explained in the chapter on whitening in Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye – and I explain how tooth color is all about reflection.

If your teeth LOOK darker – or become more sensitive – then you must strengthen your teeth – which you do as you increase frequency of xylitol/Zellies.

I think sometimes people use the wrong kind of xylitol.

One person was using Trident ( unaware that it had insufficient xylitol and that the sorbitol was counter-acting remineralization).

If you use ZELLIES and the products I recommend – you will get a wonderful outcome.

I put this lady’s message on the blog – so that I would get feedback and perhaps highlight the fact that only IF PEOPLE FOLLOW MY RECIPE will experience the dental health they desire!

Thanks so much for your message – I appreciate the support!


Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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