Children’s Cavities

Dear Dr Ellie,

I have used your system now for two years. You are amazing!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had severed sensitivity and cavities induced by pregnancy. I happened upon where they recommended you and I tried your system and loved it. I even have spoken on the phone w/ you (about my order). I buy your mints, gum and your book. I love it all and tell all my friends about you. You have saved me from a life of pain.

Question: my six year old just had xrays for the first time. Two little cavities showed up between her back teeth. The dentist labeled it as interproximal decay. He wants to do fillings in a few months. I just started my daughter on act because of her age. Do you think act and zellies mints 10 times a day could fix the fillings? Should I ask him to do xrays in a few months to see if there is improvement? My dentist trusts me.

Kind regards, RD

Hi RD,

If your daughter has cavities – she has A MOUTH INFECTION.

Cavities do not just happen – they are caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus Mutans.

If you have been on my system it should not becoming from you – but possibly other caretakers, day care or someone in the family who has dental disease.

How You Stop the Disease:

Adequate xylitol and adequate frequency is the only way to eradicate this DISEASE.

Juices, sugary or acidic foods MULTIPLY these disease bacteria.

This is why eating a little xylitol AFTER every drink, snack or meal is the best idea.

So – try to space xylitol during the day to protect your daughter from foods or drinks that will grow these cavities.

How about putting a teaspoon into a bottle of water for her to sip during the day – in addition to some Zellies fruit mints after meals?

Once the disease is stopped – the cavities will stop growing – then they will start healing themselves.

Use the ACT as a rinse morning and night – and use a tiny spot of Crest toothpaste (about the size of a rice grain) on her brush.

Make sure your brushes are all cleaned daily – in Listerine or run them through your dishwasher. Dry brushes completely between uses.

Decision to fill or not:

I know the dangers of fillings – so I would never want a filling for a child if at all possible.

White fillings and sealants contain BPA (bisphemol A is recognized as a problem in baby bottles – warnings are out there) and silver fillings contain mercury.

Children’s crowns contain base metals – and none of these are healthy for you or your child.

These baby teeth need to last about 4 more years – so you must care for them VERY WELL – to stop the infection and help them last for four more years.

Your choice is either get VERY serious about protecting your daughter’s teeth or you will need to have these filled.

Even if you have fillings you should start using xylitol – to stop this disease spreading to her new “adult” molar teeth – at the back of her mouth – these teeth will be in her mouth for life.

I hope you will choose prevention – but this involves work for the whole family.

Best Wishes,


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