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Dr. Ellie,

I am reporting back since I have now had my cleaning – which was yesterday.

My hygienist said that my gums looked great, but my tooth “color” has never “looked” worse.

I have been going there for about 18 years so they know how my teeth have always looked.

Plus the fact that my CROWN color – put on in July of 10 – used to look yellow compared to my white teeth…..now the crown color looks WHITE compared to my teeth! Eeeek!!!!

She got her “ultrasonic” cleaner out and cleaned around the gum line where the moderate staining was and also the back of my lower teeth – around my retainer where the worse staining had occurred.

She asked what I had been doing different and told me that I might want to go back to my old way since my teeth had so much staining and looked “yellow”.

I explained your system and told her about your book, she said she would check it out to see exactly what it was about.

She also told me that whitening them about twice a year might help. She whitens hers once every 4 -5 months.

Her teeth look so WHITE compared to mine now and it used to be the other way around.

So, my question is…..

How long should I(have to) wait to whiten my teeth after this (yesterday) cleaning??

I love my non-sensitive teeth & healthy gums BUT I hate my yellow discolored teeth!!!!

I really want to whiten them now!!!

I have my own personal fitted trays and she gave me some 11% & 16% PERFECTA gel.


Hi CB,

I will step to the side at this point.

You have to decide what you will do – you are armed with information – and you need to make your own decisions.

I am NOT your health care provider – which is why you do not pay me!! Ha!

Read again my chapter on Whitening and then decide. Ask your hygienist questions – after all you are paying her.

You pay a health care provider to help you have nice teeth – ( hopefully Ultimate Oral Health).

Every patient must decide whom they will trust.

I am all in favor of building trust and there are fantastic health professionals – I have met many of them ( check out our website www.AAOSH.org)

I have no idea why your teeth are not the color that you want them to be.

This color may be something that you are looking for – but a color that nature is not able to provide (like certain hair colors).

You must make this decision – it is not my place to influence this decision.

As I often repeat – I am here to help those without a dentist, those who have been given bad advice, those unaware that there are things they can do to improve their oral health ( and consequently protect their general health).

I can offer some advice – but for your question – you must decide.

Best Wishes,


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