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Hello Dr Ellie

Thanks so much for the invaluable information you have provided in your book. I am starting my whole family on your system today. I have a question though – it is probably obvious, but I just wanted to make sure we are doing everything right. Thanks in advance.

You stress that we should not rinse with water between any of the steps. Does this exclude after brushing, before rinsing out with Listerine? In short, when I finish brushing my teeth with the crest toothpaste, I should rinse out the toothpaste with water as usual, right? And then use the Listerine, and then finish off with ACT? Or should I not rinse my toothpaste filled mouth with water, just rinse with Listerine and then ACT?

Thank you very much in advance!!


Hi B,

It is best to go from one step to the other – no water involved.

You will only use water to wet your brush.

After using the toothpaste – spit out the paste but (with toothpaste residue on your teeth) rinse with the Listerine.

The toothpaste is going to protect your teeth FROM the Listerine.

This is why the choice of toothpaste is so important – and wrong toothpastes will sabotage positive results.

The use of Listerine is to partly to clean teeth – and it will (enough) – but it is most important for gum health.

Listerine is the best rinse to prevent gum inflammation – and recent studies confirmed this!( Preventing gum disease will prevent periodontal disease = oral health).

This is why you need Listerine and why we make a kind of “Listerine sandwich” to use it in a tooth-safe way.

Hope this explains!

Thanks for your question,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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