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Thank you for getting back with me so quickly [from a previous email]. This helps immensely. She [a child] doesn’t have any other cavities and has no sensitivity. It is large enough so that I can see it. It’s on the back edge of her first molar; the 2nd molar does have white areas on that facing side of the tooth, as do the same two teeth on the other side of her mouth. The x-rays didn’t show any other cavities. I feel so lucky to have found your system when we did. I think her dentist was worried that infection could affect the permanent tooth. I will ask her dentist to monitor in 4 and 10 months and hope she will support me with this. We have been and will continue to be diligent in following your protocol to the letter. From what I have read, it will only affect the permanent tooth if it becomes an abscess – so we can look out for that. – Is this correct?

We have also started taking cod liver oil (mixed with high vitamin butter oil when we can afford it), probiotics, better vitamins, and will really step up our dairy/yogurts. You’d mentioned in your blog possible effects of honey and herbs in healing, too. I am interested in learning more about all of this.

Before I found your blog, we thought she’d simply inherited her father’s (very) bad teeth. I feel so empowered that we now have the education and resources for us all to keep our teeth (and therefore our bodies) healthier for life. It’s huge. I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you’ve done for our family, and so many people. Their dad is also using the system, as is my mom and hopefully soon my sister and her family. I have told my childhood dentist, my daughter’s dentist and their assistants about your program. As soon as I can I am planning on ordering your book and Zellies. But truly, thank you for helping, responding to my questions and posting all of this invaluable information on your blog.


Hi J,

Thanks for your message – I want to be helpful – and the reality is that sometimes a cavity does need to be filled.

The problem is that “a filling” may have side effects (emotional or physical) – and that needs to be weighed into the equation.

Talk with you dentist – ask questions – and again – be open to the idea that this tooth may need a filling- but it will be the LAST filling for your family!

I will quickly answer your question about the permanent tooth.

There are 3 potential dangers for your child’s permanent teeth that are a direct result of a cavity in a baby tooth:

1. Danger from an abscess in a baby tooth as poisons from the abscess get into the jaw and surround the developing new enamel – causing defects while it forms (not good).

2. Space loss. Each baby tooth maintains space for the developing tooth underneath it. If you lose any width in the baby tooth- like the back(distal) side of the tooth – the adult molar behind can push forwards and block out a part of the intended/saved space.

3.Spread of disease FROM the cavity. I was trying to think of a good analagy – and I hope this is not too gross for breakfast time!

Imagine two apples on a table (side by side and touching at one single point). If there was a worm eating one of these apples right at the point of contact – it would be easy for this worm to then turn around and start eating the other apple on the contact point – this damage would begin right at the spot where the two apples were touching.

If you have a live cavity infection – this can happen and potentially infect the adult molar behind and in contact with the side of the baby tooth – exactly where the teeth are touching.

(Getting rid of the infection with xylitol and ACT will prevent this from happening).

Hope this explains!


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