Animal Cruelty and Oral Care Products

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I read your book a couple of months ago, and have been telling people about it every chance I get.

I have been following your system since I read your book. I am 67 years old and have been brushing after every meal, except when I could not conveniently do so, since I was a small child. Yet I am now forcing myself not to brush after lunch, but it is not clear to me what you recommend after lunch. I eat a little xylitol mixed with cinnamon after each meal when I am home, and chew a piece of xylitol gum even when I am eating out. When I am home I also rinse with ACT after lunch. I know you say it is not the food caught in my teeth that causes decay, but I feel strange not removing it somehow. Should I use Listerine before the ACT?

Also I have been trying for several years to buy my “health and beauty” and household cleaning products at health food stores in order to keep from buying products from companies that cruelly test their products on animals, which I understand most of the well-known companies do. I am buying Listerine and ACT at Walgreens, but cannot bring myself to buy Crest toothpaste. (I have never cared much for the taste of it anyway.) I am currently using Spry toothpaste, which has xylitol. Of course I am also using CloSys, as you advise. I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but what is your opinion about animal testing? Do you have any information in that respect about Johnson and Johnson or Procter and Gamble, for example?

Thank you very much for writing your book and for your kind consideration of my letter.

Yours sincerely,


Hi C,

I am an animal lover and I respect your work to prevent cruelty to animals.

I am only an expert when it comes to the benefits of the products I recommend for oral health – and so I cannot add any information about the products and their testing.

As someone recently wrote on my blog ‘”The “Complete System” that Dr. Ellie recommends is just that…a System of oral care that is to be used in its entirety, just as spelled out. Deviation might very well not yield the same results. In many places on her site and in the book Dr. Ellie makes it crystal clear that not only are certain Name-brand products to be used, they are to be used in a precise manner, in specific order. The reasons for *these* products in *this* order are clearly stated.”

You ask my advice about a different toothpaste – and I cannot be excited about this toothpaste with xylitol – because it probably won’t work in my system.

There are xylitol mouth rinses in the marketplace that are way too acidic – and toothpastes with xylitol that can damage teeth because they are too abrasive.

It is sad that many “health food store” oral products do not work or can even damage teeth. Some seem to add a particular ingredient just to sound good.

There are products made for “dry mouth” that are heavily advertised for dry mouth – yet they are acidic and will only add to the damage.

I have tried to be explicit and explain that going outside of my system probably will not work.

You cannot cherry pick the products and expect the same results. You will be conducting your own experiment.

I wish you the best – and before you sacrifice your own health for animals’ – I suggest you try my system in its entirety and see how your mouth feels.

Since oral health is linked to body health – you must stay healthy yourself, if you are going to fight this fight for the animals you love.

Best Wishes,


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