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Hi Ellie,

1. I meditate in the morning for 1 hour every day. So it is usually about 90 minutes after I wake up before I eat anything. I wake up with a dry mouth and drink a big glass of hot water which quenches my thirst. Would you recommend that I add a teaspoon of xylitol to that glass, or wait until I’ve had breakfast and take it then? Or perhaps start with a piece of gum, and do the granules in water later?

2. How long do I need to chew the gum to absorb all the xylitol?

I know you must be very busy, so please take your time in responding.



Hi S,

These are quick questions to answer.

I suggest that you add a quarter to a half teaspoon to your “meditation water”

That is a great idea! Who knows, It may enhance the meditation! Let us have feedback!!

The effects of the xylitol are completed as you finish tasting sweetness.

The xylitol melted into your saliva is the “active” xylitol.

Chewing longer may help generate salivary flow – but I aways am concerned about jaw issues – if you are not used to chewing.

Don’t “chew therapeutically” –

Chew because you like the chewing effect and only chew for the time you are used to chewing for – not longer!

Best wishes – and again, great questions!

Thank you.


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