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Hi Ellie,

I notice that Crest regular toothpaste contains sorbitol (found this at Presumably the sorbitol is taken off the teeth by the rinses. Is that correct? I never knew about the drawbacks of sorbitol until I read your book, so thank you for pointing that out. I am now scrutinizing ingredients!



Dear S:


NONE ARE PERFECT – BUT YOUR SURMISE IS EXACT – the “annoying” ingredients do not affect the effectiveness, nor put us at risk.

I also wish there was not SLS in Crest paste, but it does not seem to create any reaction in my user population.

I believe Crest is the best fabricated commercial paste ( the gold standard in the 1950s was a lot higher for oral products than it is today).

Sorbitol is only a problem when it is “fed” to plaque bacteria on a frequent basis ( as in chewing gum or sugarless mints).

The little bit added for sweetness to the paste is not of any consequence.

Do I wish it were xylitol? – yes , but that would make the paste different and more expensive also.

FYI – please don’t go looking for xylitol pastes – to date I have looked at the pastes available – and would NOT substitute any for Crest – for a number of reasons.

We will keep looking for improvements and let you know!

Thanks for your diligence –

Truly, I believe you should now relax and enjoy your new oral health!

Have a great day,


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  • KKC says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,Now, I am a faithful user of your Complete System, including the original Crest toothpaste. I know you are adamantly opposed to substitutions.I wonder what your take is on Gleem, also a P & G product:Active Ingredients: Contains: Sodium Fluoride (0.243%) (0.15% w/v fluoride ion)Inactive Ingredients: Water, Hydrated Silica, Trisodium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor, Sodium Phosphate, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Saccharin, Carbomer 956, Titanium DioxideLooks very similar to Crest, without the sorbitol, flavor and colorant, and with a different Gum. While I presume you're familiar with Gleem, and have dismissed it as inferior to the Crest, I've also learned not to presume too much!Best,KKC

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    As someone recently wrote on my blog -The "Complete System" that Dr. Ellie recommends is just that…a System of oral care that is to be used in its entirety, just as spelled out. Deviation might very well not yield the same results. In many places on her site and in the book Dr. Ellie makes it crystal clear that not only are certain Name-brand products to be used, they are to be used in a precise manner, in specific order. The reasons for *these* products in *this* order are clearly stated. You see, I have based my confidence on recommending my system – because it WORKS.This system can help heal teeth, heal gums and the results you get are sustainable – over decades – without other interventions.I personally could not ask for more. I have discovered over the years that minute adjustments – even a small difference in the paste or a rinse ( even when the active ingredients remain the same) give different and (always) less beneficial outcomes.I used to try every product on the market. I would try every rinse, every paste.This was an important learning experience for me. This is when I discovered that xylitol rinses were acidic and that most natural toothpastes are far too abrasive.BUT I did this experimenting years ago when I was believed that my oral health was so amazing – nothing could harm my mouth permanently.This changed a year or so ago, when I tried a new toothbrush made of titanium that was supposed to emit a charge to clean away plaque.I knew the minute I had used this product that something terrible had happened to my mouth.I sat with my hand over my mouth – wondering what damage I had done to my gums and teeth in less than five minutes.I guess this device had removed all my healthy protective biofilm in one cleaning. My mouth felt painful, sore and horrible.It took two weeks back on my system for my mouth to feel comfortable and normal again – this was the last time I tried new things.From now on I take this position: I have a spectacular system for oral care – and I freely display the "ingredients" necessary on line, in print and in person.If you believe that there is a better "ingredient" – go ahead and experiment yourself.First you will need to use my system to develop Ultimate Oral Health – so that you will have a reference point – a base line. Then substitute the product you would prefer to use – and compare the outcome – and compare this outcome over years and years.If anyone after a year or two of using their new product – honestly loves the outcome – then let me know.Me. I am not going to try out any more products – because I am so happy with my oral health.I value my teeth – I feel fortunate to have discovered the system that I promote.Why do you want to change this – why are you looking for another product to substitute?If it because you live in a place where the ingredients I recommend are not available – then I guess you do the best that you can.I don't want to change a thing!

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