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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I wrote to you over a year ago about our toddler’s situation (front teeth enamel problems – mouth breather – nursing her at night – multiple food allergies – pediatric dentist trying to help us avoid the road towards sedating her to cap teeth by doing fluoride treatments). Anyway, long story short…we ended up having to cap/crown her top 4 front teeth – he did manage to do it w/o resorting to sedation. She will be 3 in May. Recently she was diagnosed with asthma and has to take QVAR daily – which I have heard can damage teeth/cause them to be prone to decay. So I am hoping that using Zellies along with fluoride toothpaste and ACT will keep her teeth strong and healthy and combat the problem that daily asthma medicine can have on teeth. Thanks again for your help!!


Hi AM,

My advice is to work VERY hard with your daughter’s teeth for the next two years – this is before the time adult teeth erupt.

Try to think of cavities as an infection – and remember that adults in the family – or caretakers can be spreading this DISEASE.

Your goal – to get rid of the disease in her mouth BEFORE adult teeth emerge.

The new teeth can get infected if they erupt into an infected mouth.

CLEAN YOUR TOOTHBRUSHES – daily if possible.

I sell inexpensive brushes to encourage people to throw them away regularly.

Soon I will be promoting a new product – an antibacterial toothbrush.

This will make disinfecting toothbrushes easier for everyone.

Perhaps you will find it useful to use granular xylitol – in addition to Zellies mints and/or gum.

Granular xylitol can be dissolved in water as a drink – in a water bottle if you like to sip during work etc.

Your children should have xylitol after ever drink or meal they have during the day.

With my granddaughter I dip a slightly wet teaspoon into granular xylitol and let her suck on the spoon at the end of a meal.

You can even sprinkle xylitol onto fruit – it will work.

Yes the toothpaste and ACT are going to be useful – but your goal should be getting rid of this infection with xylitol.

If you work hard now, your daughter will be protected for many years – possibly for life.

These next years are very, very important!

Good luck – I wish your family great oral and general health!


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